GT Hawk Quarter Window Install

January 2017

This is an awful lot of words for, "keep everything loose until lined up".

1962 Hawk Rear Side Glass Installation

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    ) For this two-person job, first install all of the necessary window rubbers, sweeps, window guides, and tracks.

    ) After all the necessary hardware has been lubricated, begin by installing the forward facing pivot point with the fasteners slightly slackened from snug.

    ) Check that the hexagonal washers aren’t biting too much into the inner fender.

    1) The window can then, be angled in carefully from the inside of the car with the rear most corner entering through the access hole used for the window regulator.

    2) While one person draws the glass towards the outside of the car, a person inside can guide the plastic roller onto the track by placing their hands through bottom-most the access panel to snap the roller onto the track.

    3) Once on the track, the glass can be brought towards the front of the car and the pivot bolt, washer, and nut can be loosely installed through the glass.

    4) The helper outside of the car can then manually draw the glass into a fully closed position while the individual inside the car can reach through the regulator access panel to position the window pivot point hardware up or down in the slotted holes.

    5) Once a good fit has been achieved, these two bolts can be tightened to snug.

    6) Then, gently lower the window into the fully open position while checking for alignment within the window tracks.

    • Make the necessary adjustment of the window pivot point towards the front or rear of the car as necessary such that the window achieves full open.
    • Raise and lower the window several times to unsure good fit and proper movement on the guides.
    • Tighten up all hardware and install the regulator/crank hardware using a spud or scratch awl to line up the screw holes for the regulator panel.
    • A dead blow hammer might need to be employed to gently persuade the regulator into place over the inner fender towards the front of the car.
David and Eric King
Charleston, WV. 25302