Mounting AC3521 Wheelcovers
by Paul Johnson, Potomac Chapter

When I got these covers I was determined to make them work. Only problem was, I didn't have enough of the mounting clips and SASCO didn't have them any more. Jon Myer told me to check T-Bird vendors. I did and I found a repro clip that looked like it might work. I ordered some and, while they are narrower and slightly shorter than the Stude clips, they do work as illustrated in this series of pix. They are more prone to coming off the rim when you are trying to mount the cover and won't let you pull the cover out as much as the Stude clips (you have to pull out the cover to get to the valve stem). But, they are better than not having any. I wouldn't mix the two different clips though. The Ford catalog says six per wheel where you only need four (I think) with the Stude clips.

clips, top view, Stude on left
clips, bottom view, Stude lower
wheel pre-installation
Two Ford clips installed
Clips installed, cover pulled out bottom
Clips installed, cover pulled out rear
Clips installed, cover pulled out top
Cover snapped in place
on the car