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Jeff MCcain - Greensboro, NC

Avanti engine - crankshaft endplay

I got the rest of the engine back from the machine shop and began to re assemble it. It`s not too much different from any other engine I`ve built over the years, but there`s one thing that has been a real problem. The crankshaft gear and damper must be pressed on and off to check the crankshaft end play and to center the timing cover oil seal. This wouldn`t normally be a problem, but Studebaker decided to use an 11/16" crankshaft bolt. Now you might think you could just get out your damper installation tools, select the 11/16 adapter bolt, and get to work. These tool kits don`t have any 11/16 adapters in them. It seems that any 11/16" bolt, nut, tap or die is impossible to beg borrow or steal from any supplier. I finally decided to modify the crankshaft bolt and make it work with the tool I already had. First I put the bolt in the lathe and drilled the correct sized hole for a 7/16" tap.

After this was done, I screwed the adapter from the tool kit into the bolt.

I then cut a piece of heavy wall pipe about 4" long and trued both ends in the lathe. With this done I proceeded to install the crankshaft gear.

After making sure the crankshaft end play was correct, I installed the timing cover without tightening the bolts and then installed the damper. After this was done it was time to tighten the bolts. By doing it this was, the timing cover seal was centered correctly by the snout of the damper.