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SDC Forum - Nov 21, 2013

Master Cylinder Rod

I'm helping my friend and fellow local club member Steve rebuild the brakes on his 63 Champ. Steve decided that as long as he was rebuilding the whole system with new wheel cyl., and nickel copper alloy brake lines, he would replace the single master cyl. with a duel master cyl. A 68 Mustang all drum brake master cyl. was selected. The rod on the Mustang master cylinder is too long and the Studebaker rod is too short. Just recently I had my brake booster rebuilt by Power Brake Service. They've been here in Sacramento since 1948 and is now into the third generation of this family owned business. They have bins of brake parts for everything brakes. I suggested we go there and see if they could help us with a solution. Click image for larger version. The top rod is the Mustang rod. The bottom rod is the Studebaker rod. The assembly in the middle is what we got from PBS. All that was needed was to shorten the rod and connect the end with the connector nut. This is what we made up in about 10 minutes.
The rod has a good 3/4" adjustment. These are the part # and cost: I thought we should pass on this solution because it can be applied to any master cylinder brake rod problem. I also would like to pass on that the booster Power Brake Sales rebuilt for me cost about half of what an other booster rebuilder charges. $128.00!