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Edelbrock carb on a Studebaker V8

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(If you want to )(sic) /You are supposed to /utilize the larger throttle attachment hole on the linkage (1/2 in) (and) you will have to bush the hole........Jegs has the perfect product......P/N 15220 "Steel Carb Linkage Bushing"

Those wishing an AN alternative to steel are in luck as well:
P/N 15219.......Aluminium carb Linkage Bushing Kit.

Note, In the picture above, the larger hole has a plastic bushing ( fabricated), with nickel sized fender washers on either side to hold the assembly together.
Jegs# 555-15220 Steel Carb Linkage Bushing1/4" non-threaded

Replace stock rubber bushings with JEGS aluminum or steel carburetor linkage bushings for accuracy when engaging the throttle. Made in the USA, they are designed to fit Holley and most other carbs with a 1/2"-diameter hole in the throttle arm. Quick release linkage swivels enable easy access to service carbs.
Made In USA