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Electric fuel pumps
(Compiled June 2009) (updated Oct 2017) (updated Sep 2018)

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Fuel Pressure Regulators
Gear Rotor pumps
oil Pressure Safety Switches
Solenoid pumps

Rotary Vane

From the Carter Website

Rotary vane design

Originally created for military use, this design has been in production longer than any other Carter model. Rotating vanes driven by a heavy-duty wet motor deliver pressure from 4 to 18 psi at a flow rate of up to 100 gallons per hour. This provides excellent lift and prime capability. The pump is available in 6-, 12- and 24-volt versions. It is appropriate for RV, marine, agricultural, industrial and performance applications.
Carter PN #NP4259 (12 volt) or P4070 (12 volt)


Gear Rotor
(AKA Carotor, Gerotor)
Carter Carotor universal pump applications range from carburetor to TBI & MFI systems. They are also used in many OE-type hanger and module assemblies. The gerotor is unquestionably the most versatile pump design today. It utilizes a unique gear and rotor eccentric mechanism that squeezes the fuel within the pump to create high pressure with very little pulsation. Compact, lightweight and fuel-cooled, it is a current favorite of many OE manufacturers. EFI marine manufacturers are also installing these robust gerotors to meet their fuel delivery demands.
Examples of this pump are Carters 60430 (1)     (More info here) at around $50-$60.

This pump and -------> the one next window are exterior mount, low pressure (3-5#) fuel pumps meant for carburated vehicles

If you look for any others, be sure they are for Carbed vehicles, not fuel injected ones. FI engines have fuel pressures from 40 - 150 psi...

Brand - Carter

Manufacturer's Part Number - GP60504

Part Type - Fuel Pumps, Electric External
Product Line - Carter Electric Fuel Pumps
Summit Racing Part Number - CRT-P60504
Free Flow Rate - 30 gph
Maximum Pressure (psi) - 4 psi
Inlet Size - 5/16 in.
Inlet Quantity - Single
Inlet Attachment - Hose barb
Outlet Size - 5/16 in.
Outlet Quantity - Single
Outlet Attachment - Hose barb

Update 23 Feb 2014 or here


Good Reviews - Oct 2017

Then we have the NOS (brand)15760, another gear rotor type for engines around 200 HP. 4 to 5.5 PSI, inline, etc

found online for around $90.00 - $115.00. Most come with a prefilter included and it is recommended to install a good one. You don't want any crud getting into the pump gears and ruining it. More Info
When using a gear rotor type pump....

Reference- Experience

These pumps are good and are recommended, however they cannot be used as a secondary unit ie, on a dash switch. They MUST be wired to run continuously from the IGN circuit as your PRIMARY and ONLY PUMP. This will require a safety circuit

This pump type uses a DRIVEN gear and a RING gear to create a positive displacement and force fuel through to the carb. The gearing is similar to your oil pump. They do NOT have any check valves like a mechanical fuel pump, thus if they aren't running, you cannot DRAW fuel through them via a mechanical pump, etc ( at least, enough to have the engine remain running)

If you use a dash switch, you will experience a situation similar to vapor lock, as the fuel pressure diminishes when the pump is off. Flipping the switch on will restore the engine stability..

You can leave the mechanical pump on the engine, as the gear rotor will pump fuel through it satisfactorily.

You also MUST use a fuel filter BEFORE the pump, maybe even 2, to absolutely prevent any dirt from getting into the pump gearing. Any dirt can jam or disable the gears and you'll be stranded where you sit.

Also these NAPA units

I've had one of these in service for the past 9 years, without any failures. Lately there have been reports of some Facet pumps going bad quickly. The only thing I can relate this to is, they're now made in China.
( These are "clicker" type pumps)

Specs / 4.5 - 6 PSI

Specs / 3 - 4.5 PSI

Specs / 2 - 3.5 PSI

Fuel pressure regulators
If you wind up with a pump that has too high an output, install a regulator to moderate the pressure

Holley 12-804

Can be plumbed with a return line to the fuel source...

Mallory 4309

Can be plumbed with a return line to the fuel source...
The cheaper Mr Gasket #9710 around $25-30.. (Summit)

Some disparaging reports about being trash, but worth a try?

Safety Switches
If you elect to wire an electric pump with the ignition vs a manual switch, then you may want to use a safety switch. Wiring a gear rotor type pump will REQUIRE a safety switch as a gear rotor type must run continuously.
Oil pressure Type, the Holley 12-810, the NAPA OP6610 and the OP6613

Holley 12-810

12-810 wiring diag

NAPA OP-6610
Has a 3 prong connector for the +12, Starter circuit and Run circuit

Wiring info Napa OP6610    Specs

Napa OP6613 Specs

one prong connector to only
ground the power to the pump. With both these switches, power to the fuel pump is supplied as long as there's 5# of oil pressure or better. If the Oil pressure goes away, then the pump shuts off.
Carquest PN # PS-64.
This LINK will explain the inertia switch. Examples

1997 Ford F150 Switch

81-90 Ford Sedan Switch

87-93 Ford Mustang Switch

03 - 08 Ford Explorer Switch
This is how to WIRE the switch

This is how to RESET the switch

This is how to make an ANTI-THEFT switch with a wiring change

Solenoid designs

Solenoid pumps, the most widely used universal type, are designed to fit many universal applications. They’re available in many different pressure ranges and for use in 12-volt, 24-volt and, soon, 6-volt applications. Rather than a motor, the solenoid pump uses a piston actuated by an electromagnetic coil to generate fuel pressure and flow. By using only short pulses of electricity, the solenoid pump is very energy-efficient. It is also long-lasting, with no internal rubber parts or bellows to wear out.

Remember: To ensure long life and keep your warranty intact, be sure to install a new fuel filter on the inlet side of your universal pump!


These pumps do NOT have a rubber diaphragm that can be affected by Ethanol
Airtex 110-E8251 - Airtex External Electric Fuel Pumps

$49.95 at Summit Racing Sep 2010

Brand Airtex
Manufacturer's Part Number 110-E8251
Part Type Fuel Pumps, Electric External
Product Line Airtex External Electric Fuel Pumps
Summit Racing Part Number ATX-E8251
UPC 080044124849
Free Flow Rate 30 gph
Maximum Pressure (psi) 4.5 psi
Inlet Size 5/16 in.
Inlet Quantity Single
Inlet Attachment Hose barb
Outlet Size 5/16 in.
Outlet Quantity Single
Outlet Attachment Hose barb
Quantity Sold individually.
Notes Designed for low pressure marine applications.

Also, Carter E8016s with this very nice reference page


NOTE: 2 types, both 12Volt

Airtex E8016S with 5-9 PSI ( )

Airtex E8012S with 2.5-4.5 PSI ( )

Carter P74021

4 psi for $47.00
( don't forget to add a filter)

Studebaker 12 volt fuel pump - used on 57-58 Golden Hawks
Still has a contemporary below

(around $100.00)

Manufacturer: Facet
Part Number: 476410N
ONAN p/n 149-1033

FACET P/N 476410

The silver component on the shielded wire is stamped LOAD 8941 NYT 356-115

THIS INFO IS FROM A FACET FACT SHEET Minimum Shut Off Pressure is 4 psi, Maximum Shut Off Pressure is 5.5 psi, 36 Gallons Per Hour, Maximum Fuel Lift

Six Volt

Airtex brand, Solenoid pump

Airtex PN E8011
Discussed on the SDC Forum #1691
Rated for 10% Ethanol throughput

Airtex Model #E8011 ...This pump can be used for either positive or negative grounds. The pump itself must be electrically isolated from its mounting bracket, so it will work on the positive or negative grounds. Persons with 6 volt systems formerly had to choose between Rotary Vane or Bellows Type electric pumps. The Rotary Vane pump will not allow the stock mechanical pump to pull fuel through if one wants to shut off the electric pump for any reason once the engine is running. The Bellows pump will allow the mechanical pumps to pull through if desired, but there are serious reliability problems with this pump. The Airtex is a good alternative.

Six Volt Carter Fuel Pump
Solenoid type ( clicks)

June 2009

Item#: NFPP4259

Price: $60.49 - (June 2009) tax and shipping not included

Disclaimer: The stated price may vary from the in store price and may change at anytime.

Pressure Rating:4 - 5.75
Gallons Per Hour:72
Fitting Size(s):1/4" NPSF
Line Size:3/8"

March 2017

This one has come to light

The HEP-02A

Ref . - March 2017

Sep 2018

As has this one

Facet Gold
Click for info (16092018)


Bosch 69562