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Studebaker & Avanti Fuel Pump Inertia Switch

Adding an Electric fuel pump is a safety concern for older cars and trucks. If you want to add the fuel pump then a roll-over inertia switch should be added.
One like used in the late model Ford products can be used. It is easy to install and will stop the fuel pump in the event of an accident. The Car Quest auto parts number for the switch is (6l5z9341a and the 3 wire connector is 96-7552). I would consider such a switch a "MUST" when installing an electric fuel pump. The Ford switch has a manual reset, so they can be reset if activated by a bump or some other minor disturbance. When installing the switch make sure the switch is level and mounted in a vertical position. The car / truck should be level also to have correct operation. Mount the switch so you would have easy accesse if it is tripped. Most Ford products so equipped have the access port in the trunk or passenger side pannel just in front of the door interior where the switch control may be accessed if a reset is required. The switch has a normally open side so that wire can be used to turn on a light on the dash so the driver will know if the switch is tripped and needs to be reset.

Make sure to mount the inertia switch in a vertical position on a solid part of the body of the car or truck. Put it in a place where it will be protected from water and other road material.

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The image above and in the link below have been changed 6-20-07 The fuel tank unit in the middle left side of the above electrical diagram is the fuel pump, and the inertia switch just to the right of the fuel pump. The normally open contact of the inertia switch is not used in the diagram. I included a hand written diagram of a simple connection that can be used on an older truck or car. The normally open contact (3) of the inertia switch can be used to turn on a small 12 / 6 volt light on the dash so the driver will know if the inertia switch has opened and need to be reset before the car or truck will start. The link below will open a page with a large electric diagram that is shown above so you will be able to read it with out a magnifying glass, but the load time for the large diagram is long so be ready for a wait before printing.Make sure the inertia switch is in series with the fuel pump and on the hot or 12/6 volt side as show in the above diagram. The inertia switch has to open the hot lead going to the fuel bump to stop it during an accident. link to print large electric diagram

Ford Inertia Switch and Harness. ( 2009

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