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Airtex type fuel pump oil leak

Background: The "Airtex" style replacement fuelpump for Studebaker V-8's has an inherent flaw. The pivot pin for the pump actuator arm is located very close to the mounting flange, at the block. This pin rides in the cast aluminum housing and can/will/(sometimes) rock back and forth and wear into the housing. It's not always the case, but definitely happens. It may even happen on a new pump depending on manufacturing tolerances and you know the story on that (china?)

The increased clearance caused by the wear, is an escape point for engine oil, which is being slung around in the crankcase, to splash against and weep out. If you have a bit of blowby, it will be forced out and presents as, moderate to severe oil loss.
If you've experienced large amounts of dirty oil mist around the pump or a puddle of oil on your main crossmember, it may not be the timing cover seal...

Carter type pumps have a cap installed over this pin and there is no history of this problem
Reworked MOPAR pumps utilize a pin which is farther out on the arm and do not have a history of this problem

( Origin of this modification is attributed to Calvin Lowell, (OCF))

o010604b.jpg Note the location of the pivot pin

Cut 2 small pieces of thin sheet metal, matching the contour of the housing shoulder

Center punch each piece to give some relief to the pin itself
Clean the pump area with alcohol and set the metal pieces in some quick setting epoxy to seal each side

The original cap bolts have been replaced with allen head bolts due to the thickness of the epoxy I laid on. If you're somewhat less ambitious with the goop, you can probably get the original bolts back.

The resulting photos were taken while driving over 600 miles to and from the Charlotte International Meet from Northern VA

Dry as a bone....