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289 Studebaker Fuel Pump Removal and block off plate

///// Using Airtex Fuel Pumps will cause oil mist to be sprayed over the engine front area because the pivot pin on the pump wears into the pump housing and abrades the hole larger. The combustion blowby gasses in the crank case will try and find the easiest path to exit, in this case will be the compromised seal on the fuel pump.

You can switch to a full time electric pump and remove the Airtex mechanical pump.
Using a block off plate over the timing cover mount area will make for a clean
frontal area...

Use a block of plate for a Small block GM engine. (Autozone/Advance Auto)

Two of the plate mount holes align with the timing cover bolt holes.

Mark the plate and cut off the unnecessary portion

My install uses 2 short carb studs to locate the plate correctly over the hole.
Use the supplied gasket and apply a thin smear of Red RTV on each side.