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HEI Distibutor

Jerry Forrester, Jan 2014

From the SDC Forum

Anybody care to venture a guess as to where I'm going with this?

I've never done this before but inexperience has never stopped me before.

I found the Chevy distributor shaft and it is long enough to use without having to have to cut and weld it in the middle. Only problem is, the centrifical advance will retard the timing as the engine is reved, not advance it as you would want.

With .0005 slip fit and red locktite I don't think I have anything to worry about. Have you ever used red locktite? It's wonderful stuff.

March 2014

Completed Buttercup's HEI Distributor

New cap, rotor, vac. adv., Mr. Gasket advance curve kit, Accel performance module and a Performance Distributors 50,000 volt coil. Top half of an Olds distributor and the bottom half of a Stude distributor.