Today I actually worked on a Studebaker, go figure. Happens from time to time. I went out
to finally hook up the parking brake to my Mustang rear discs (using Karl's technique until my
prototype rear brackets are completed - this stalled back in 2007). I noticed the reason the
handling has been a little erratic, my "temporary" fix done years ago hadn't held up :

I parted out a 1994 Firebird Formula to put the EFI LT1 into my wifes 1978 Camaro (those who
are considering an L$1 swap might want to rethink the cost comparison), so I had the whole
rear swaybar assembly left over :

This is the part you want :

well ... ok .. actually just these two pieces :

It looks surprisingly similar to the original one :

The hole spacing is identical to Studebaker, just metric holes. Drill the two holes to 29/64 or
the next size up and bolt it on :


Out with the old ...