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Electric Fuel Pump Application

SDC FORUM #71010 - April 2013

I went with a precision electric fuel pump. It is a solenoid type pump that you can mount 24" above the tank, but I placed it in front of the right front spring mount so it is in line with the fuel line.. Mounted on a ruber shock mount there is no real noise unless the tank is empty.. With fuel running through it, it is fairly quite. If you are standing by the right rear wheel, you will hear it.

This pump puts out 9psi at 24 GPH..

OK.. I know all of your calculations and all, but at 80 MPH I'm getting 20 MPG, I used up only 4 gallons in that hour! So what happen to the other 20 gallons this fuel pump, pumped?

On the engine side I used a pressure regulator and the fuel filter with a return line port for the "R" engine..

I attached a fuel pressure gauge to the return line by the tank, and with the engine running, I set it to set the pressure to 5.5 psi since I'm running the Carter AFB. Any more than that and you WILL flood your Carter..

Here is the wire diagram I used to hook it up. I use ground as the trigger for the relay because that is what is coming from the oil pressure switch. If you hook 12v to the OPS, the idiot light will not work..

So when there is OP, the switch is ground, but while you crank the engine you want the pump to run. So use the Start pin on your ignition switch to energize another relay that will switch the ground to the fuel pump relay..

It uses two relays, an inertia switch in the trunk and a Oil pressure switch that has the oil light @ 0 psi fuel switch at 3 psi

As for lack of fuel to the Carb, I found that as a limit to the capacity of my tank!