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My GM front Sway Bar installation

        After reading about the benefits of installing a large GM front sway bar I decided to replace the 1963 sway bar I had installed previously on the Speedster. I used Sals54’s drawing from a previous post to get dimensions for the bar and found a 1 ¼” one from a 1978 Monte Carlo SS on Craigs List. It was 44” from link to link. I measured and found that 44” was exactly in the center of the original slots in the control arm. Rather than try to drill on the edge of a slot, I used a carbide rasp (pictured) in a drill to make a hole for the new link. I used Moog K5252 links which I shortened ¾” and changed to a 6” bolt. The lower bushing and washer on the control arm were trimmed about 1/8” so they would fit.

        I then installed the bar on the on links and lifted the bar to determine where the brackets needed to be. I found that I needed to turn the 1963 brackets around so the angled side was at the rear. This got them close but I still needed to lower them to clear the radiator support. To do that I used 1 ¼” square tubing. I used a drawing to get both brackets bent into the same shape and then welded a plate on the angled arm because of the large hole where it mounts. I then used a floor jack to hold the bar up against the tubing and brackets so I could use the new bushing brackets to determine the spacing. Installed the brackets were a bit too far apart so I welded the tubing at the inner side of the brackets as they are narrower by ¼”. I did find that I still needed to elongate the mounting holes in the brackets to allow them to move toward the center. I again used my rasp for that.

        I haven’t driven it yet but expectations are high.         No, I did not get under the car without jack stands. I just raised it to get pictures.

These are vehicles which may have a bar which will work: 1978-88 Monte Carlo SS, El Camino,Cutlass, Regal, Grand Prix and 1978-83 Malibu