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Studebaker Graveyard 2

Lugoff, South Carolina
This collection was on the property of a long time Studebaker Service garage. Very famous and long standing owner. Turning Wheels had an article on this individual back in the 90's.

dscn0168.jpg dscn0169.jpg dscn0170.jpg
dscn0171.jpg dscn0172.jpg dscn0173.jpg
dscn0174.jpg dscn0175.jpg dscn0176.jpg
dscn0177.jpg dscn0178.jpg dscn0179.jpg
dscn0180.jpg dscn0181.jpg dscn0182.jpg
dscn0183.jpg dscn0184.jpg dscn0185.jpg
dscn0186.jpg dscn0187.jpg dscn0188.jpg
dscn0189.jpg dscn0190.jpg dscn0191.jpg
dscn0192.jpg dscn0193.jpg dscn0194.jpg
dscn0195.jpg dscn0196.jpg dscn0197.jpg
dscn0198.jpg dscn0199.jpg dscn0200.jpg
dscn0201.jpg dscn0202.jpg dscn0203.jpg
dscn0204.jpg dscn0205.jpg

Lugoff on Jan 25, 2012

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