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Studebaker Graveyard 4

Grantsville, UT. Pics courtesy of Bob Waitz ( Bonneville Racer)

grav4.jpg graveyard41a.jpg graveyard41b.jpg
graveyard41c.jpg graveyard41d.jpg graveyard41e.jpg
graveyard41f.jpg graveyard41g.jpg graveyard41h.jpg
graveyard41i.jpg graveyard41j.jpg graveyard41k.jpg
graveyard41l.jpg graveyard41m.jpg graveyard41n.jpg
graveyard41o.jpg graveyard41p.jpg graveyard41q.jpg
graveyard41r.jpg graveyard41s.jpg graveyard41t.jpg
graveyard41u.jpg graveyard41v.jpg graveyard41w.jpg
graveyard41x.jpg graveyard41y.jpg graveyard41z.jpg
graveyard42a.jpg graveyard42b.jpg graveyard42c.jpg
graveyard42d.jpg graveyard42e.jpg graveyard42f.jpg
graveyard42g.jpg graveyard42h.jpg graveyard42i.jpg
graveyard42j.jpg graveyard42k.jpg graveyard42l.jpg
graveyard42m.jpg graveyard42n.jpg graveyard42o.jpg
graveyard42p.jpg graveyard42q.jpg graveyard42r.jpg
graveyard42s.jpg graveyard42t.jpg graveyard42v.jpg
graveyard42w.jpg graveyard42x.jpg graveyard42y.jpg
graveyard42z.jpg graveyard43a.jpg graveyard43b.jpg
graveyard43c.jpg graveyard43d.jpg graveyard43e.jpg
graveyard43f.jpg graveyard43g.jpg graveyard43h.jpg
graveyard43i.jpg graveyard43j.jpg graveyard43k.jpg
graveyard43l.jpg graveyard43m.jpg graveyard43n.jpg
graveyard43o.jpg graveyard43p.jpg graveyard43q.jpg
graveyard43r.jpg graveyard43s.jpg

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