Bob's Resource Website (2007)
Replacement AVANTI Brake Drums

I just went through the same drill of replacing the two rear
brake drums on my 84 (I don't know what year your car is) using the T-Bird
replacements (Check EIS # 2657). Found I had to have the drums machined. I
shopped around and found my best price for the drums to be $92.00 each in San
Antonio. High range was $110 in Chicago. All were new drums. The machining
cost me $56.00. I found that several machine shops would not machine the
drums because of potential liability problems. Finally went to a large truck
maintenance and machine shop and they skillfully did the job. I took one of
the old drums along so they could measure from the inside of the drum to the
outside of the drum. If you have spacers between the axle and the drum be
sure they allow for that. Make sure you check the length of your wheel studs
with the new and old drums. They should be the same, but check anyway. This
replacement should be okay on all but the early Stude tapered axles. In case
of those you may need to do some more modifying of the Stude hub. I did not
have to enlarge the holes on the drums (again my car is an 84), they fit

I would also have the drums turned to ensure they are true. (I paid $26.00).

Suggest that you replace the brake springs too. Check out Bendix #H7137 or
EIS #H7137.

While you have it torn down you might find you need/want to replace the wheel
cylinders. If so, look for NAPA parts 17510 (Right side) and 36076 (Left
Side) ( I think these are from a Ford Econoline van of the late 70s vintage)

I used premium Rayloc brake shoes (NAPA # AB228)

All of this fit together without modification, except for the drum machine

If you have any questions, let me know. Perhaps I can help. Regards, Tim

(Tim Jackman (Oct 99)