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As you know, many websites suffer from lack of attention, get abandoned and go away. This listing is no different.

Ray Fichthorn, Winston-Salem, NC

Karel Staple Chapter (Napa, CA)

San Diego, CA

Stude Blogger

Vancouver Island, BC

Bonneville, UT


Turbo Stude TriBaker

Western & Central Kansas

Stude reference Guide

Big6 Riverbend

Northeast Florida

Ken's Studes

Starlight Studebaker

Boestad's Swedish Page

Texas Studebakers

Hamilton Canada Chapter

New South Wales, AU

Studebaker Crossroads

Claudes Stude Site

Cascades Studebaker

Bill Jackameit

North Central Florida Chapter
NorthEast Florida Chapter
Southwest Gulf Chapter (Naples, FL)
Orlando, Florida
South Georgia
North Georgia
Heart of America - Kansas City, MO ( KASMO.jpg)
Central Florida( cfcsdc)

Dick Datson

Ken Kidwell