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Reproduced from the Library of Congress, a Study in Design by Raymond Loewy

Raymond Loewy, one of the principle inventors of modern industrial design, redefined the look of everything from logos to locomotives. For many years Loewy served as the principle designer for the Studebaker Corporation, and in 1961 they called upon him to design a new automobile to save the company. These eleven sketches were sent from Loewy's Paris office to help in the effort, which resulted in the "Avanti," a rare instance in which the merits of a product caused it to survive the failure of the company which produced it.

Raymond Loewy (1893 - 1986)

Preliminary studies for the Studebaker "Avanti" automobile


4872i.jpg vc005051.jpg vc005052.jpg
vc005053.jpg vc005054.jpg vc005055.jpg
vc005056.jpg vc005057.jpg vc005059.jpg
vc005060.jpg vc005061.jpg vc005062.jpg

Fluid marker on paper

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