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Retractable seat belts

Retractable seat belt installation, Avanti
Jim Heath, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

I used a set of VW jetta belts that I got from the junk yard ($30 CND). Seems they are normally black which is what I wanted. Most north american ones are coloured. Bolted the retract unit to the roll bar just above the ash tray in the rear, drilled and tapped the bar just at the end of the roll bar cover for the shoulder fitting and the belt fittings bolted to my seat frame. Works quite well. Cheers Jim 63 R2 4sp

I did the installation in about 3 hours (one side). For anyone that is interested, I installed the retract mechanism on the roll bar just above the ash tray. Lifted the upholstery from the side panel (don't have to remove), cut out a 2x2 piece of the glass and cut a 7/16" wide by 2" long vertical slot in the roll bar. Was initially going to try to install the old stud on a plate attachment (by) trying to slip it inside and turning (it) to jam but this always looks easier than it really is. By the time you have a hole big enough to slip it in there is no material left for support. Anyway, when I was wandering around the Home Depot I spotted some eye bolts in 3/8 and 1/2 dia. Thought if I could slip one of these in and secure (it) with a plate and nut on the outside of the roll bar and if the eye end was larger than the roll bar I.D. to keep from turning then I would be set. Turns out the 3/8 one is just perfect. Slips in the slot, put on a 3/8" (thick) tk by 3/4" (thick) by 2" plate and some washers and tighten. Works like a charm. The shoulder attachment is easy. Fits just at the end of the roll bar pad. Drill and tap 1/2 into the area. There is enough meat there to give a good attachment. The installation does not require the removal of any interior pieces except the roll bar pad which I had attached with Velcro earlier anyway. By the way I used seat belts from a Jetta, one of the few black ones I could find. If anyone needs more detail I could send them a sketch.


Jim Heath / 63 R2 4sp

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