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      Shocks for Avantis / Studes

      Note: Front shocks for any Stude (51-64) or Avanti (63-84) can be adapted from any shock made for a full size GM car from 1958 to 1985 - the extended lengths are almost exact. The only differences are the lower mount pin length - the Avanti being about an inch wider. This requires making a simple adapter from large washers with a spacer tack welded to one edge to prevent tipping when mounted.

      Rear Shocks can be made from those used on the Camaro -- simply remove the upper mount tube from the old Avanti shock and push it into the Camaro shock.

      The mid 70s Camaro shocks work well. Just slide the top sleeve out and put the ones from your Studebaker shock in. The extended length is a bit shorter but I've used them on my '63 Daytona with no problem. I give them a bit of air when taking a load for "evil" vendor purposes... other wise just enough air to keep the bags from getting slack and drying out. Steve Grant

      (Koni Shocks on your car)

      If you've NEVER experienced Konis on your car, you have to look into this!!

      August 2002 - ( authors name lost...)

      I have Koni shocks (all around) on a 60 Lark, using late Stude bottom spring/shock mounts on the rear.
      I bought Camaro shocks (70-81) from Summit -the rear bottom mounts work as is, the top bushing was pushed out and a Stude bushing installed. The front shocks only required changing the bottom bushing/attachment to the Stude

      Red Konis are adjustable for wear(you unbolt the bottom mount, fully compress them, and feel the clicks as you tighten them up) some yellow Konis and Bilsteins, I think, use a dial on the side.I would think the dial adjustment would be better for what you are looking for.

      Another persective
      Back in the late 70's I had the rear spring plates on my Avanti changed to accept a 'loop bottom' type shock. I don't know the donor car, but it was a Stude, maybe early 50's, like the Land Cruiser.

      This was the result

      . In the late 90's, I bought a set of original Konis for the Avanti and modified the rear mount to accept the stud,

      using a big rod end.

      Here's another
      . So depending on what the Camaro shock looks like, you may be able to use some of this info to get a set on your car!.

      Koni's on your car, give a feeling of complete control. The car handles like it was glued to the road, very satisfying....


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