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Turning Wheels, July 2000
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Major Contributors to this effort have been;
Richard Quinn - Studebaker Historian
and others as noted


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This effort was started around 2010 and as we move into 2021, there are still new items showing up. There are still the unknowns also ie: pictures but no name. There is still a small flow of input by readers and we are very grateful for that.. Poring over pages from Ancestry again and again had shown there are still things to find there but it's very time consuming.
A lot of thanks is due to those who have sent bits of information used here. Your generosity helped make this presentation a great success. That being said, there is probably a lot of data yet to be recorded here... / RJ


Studebaker Dealer Listing by State





Dealers with Unknown Locations


Parts Depot Locations from 1950
Michael Hennessey - SDC Forum - Aug 2015

Studebaker Parts Warehouses

Courtesy of Richard Quinn>

Studebaker Parts Warehouses (2)

Courtesy of Richard Quinn>


Garford Association
Studebaker Purchase
Automobile Topics,
Vol 32 - 1912   (C 1912)  
    (28May 2013)

1964 Uniform Identity Guide
    (Photo enhancement
by Doug Blanchard - Aug 2013)