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This is a new page, starting early 2010. There's a lot to include here, but it will be slow going for a while...

Ooooh No, Mr. Bill

Seen at Dover Delaware - 2012
First to be shown here is what may be the first Avanti II that was factory supercharged.

Youtube Video of car
( Link provided by "cobrajoe74")
(sep 2010)
Video - Nov 2016

Here's a video of the car when new....

Well, both videos are no longer available, but they did prove the claim...

Here's candidate #2

Dec 2010

Drag Car

Ebay Dec 2010

63 R-2008

The best is at the end!



Corvette LS5 underpinnings

Emeryville CA - Jun 2011

RRC Australian Avanti

Bonneville Salt Flats
Aug 2010

R-1001 - R-1999
R-2000- R-2999
R-3001 - R-3999
R-4001 - R-4999
R-5001 - R-5653
1985- 91
AVX 1996 -
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