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A partial catalog of Avantis and their owners. Entries included are members of the Avanti Chat group and other interested parties. No addresses or phone numbers will be included to protect privacy.

4647 Avantis were built by the Studebaker Corporation from June 1962 - December 1963. 1389 models were manufactured in 1962. 3258 units were manufactured in 1963. Of these, 2418 were 1963 models, 30 were transitional, 54 were 1964 models with round headlights and 764 were 1964 models throughout....

Introduction of the
1963 Studebaker Avanti

(Turning Wheels, June 1992)

The Six Week Wonder

Fred Fox
Turning Wheels, January 1977

Running changes

Large 63 - 64 Monthly Color Production Schedule

    The first Studebaker Avanti, serial number 63R1001, was donated to the Harold E. LeMay Museum. R1001 came with the second Avanti engine, supercharged # RS1002.

Notes:Ref: Service Letter # G-1964-3B, dtd 13 May 1964. SUBJECT: Car Serial Number - Avanti Models. "Effective with Serial Number R-3100 the year designation (63 prefix to the serial number) was removed from the serial number plate.
After the above serial number all Avanti models are identified only by the letter "R" followed by the serial number."

R1001 - R-1999
R2000 - R-2999
R3001 - R-3999
R4001 - R-4999
R5001 - R-5653
1984 - 91
AVX 1996 -
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Studebaker Avanti's - R1001 - R1999                        Known Bodytags



    R2 R-0023

    December 2005
    Original owner
    Jim Bunting
    Lancaster, PA
    Special 2 seat remake, designed by Tom Kellog

    R2 R-1001

    LeMay Storage Facility, Tacoma, WA
    August 2009
    The First One Sold!

    April 29, 2011
    Click here for

    The Lemay Museum Avanti 1001 Project
      Body 63RQ101, Engine # RS-1002 Regal (perforated) interior

      R2 R-1002

          Dave Kinney
      Great Falls, VA
      AOAI Reg. 2011

      24 Apr 2005
      ( White with orange interior. 4 speed & Deluxe interior)
      Entry in Avanti Arrow, December 1984, says 63R-1001, was sold
      for parts in 1977 and 63R-1002 never made it through production
      due to body problems. Author was Frank Letts, Stafford, TX but, Frank was wrong....
      Among a total of 9 cars are:
      Also a 5 speed 85 and an 85 with
      63 fenders4 Avanti II's & 1 parts car. Oct 2010
      Former owners/locales;
      Will Palmer, Cape May NJ 1974

      Illinois - original owner locale;


      Ray Norris, Minnetonka, MN
      Turning Wheels, July 1982

      and 8 years earlier...

      AOA #24 Page 8
      Spring 1974
      Gary Johnson, Tacom WA -

      R2 R-1003
      Kent E. Bigelow, Houston TX - AOAI 2011

      Former Owners/Locales;
      Frank Letts, Stafford TX
      Joe Bateman, Fort Worth, TX

        Avanti Arrow, December 1984 - ?
        Body #63RQ105, Engine # RS-1003
        Titled as a 64 model
        White, 4 speed, Orage/fawn interior
        Shown at the Geneva Auto Show in 1962 and 1963
        The white R2 shown in the ad where Sherwood Egbert makes Roger Ward,
        1962 Indy 500 winner, the worlds first Avanti owner, is the same car.
        Joe had the supercharger removed and Air Conditioning and AM/FM radio added.

      Rick Grape, Fort Worth TX
      1982 - 1984

      Joe Bateman, Fort Worth TX

        .. bought the car, at the factory on the day Studebaker announced they were shutting
        down(?) Owned the car until he passed away in 1974/1975.


      Sold at Auction - Jan 2013


      R2 R-1004

      Mike and Dawn Fisher, Traverse City MI

      Former Owners/Locales;
      Dave Kinney, Great Falls, VA -(Consignment sale - Motorcar Gallery, Fort Lauderdale, FL - May 2012)

      James K. Carter, Edgartown, MA - AOAI 1996 - 2011
      (entry)Mar 10 2004

        R2 40,000 miles, frame off restoration completed to original factory specifications.
        Beautiful car, white exterior, with orange / fawn interior. Has PS, PB, 455TT, auto, seat belts,
        AM radio.

      R1 R-1005
      Body# 63 RQ-104


      Also known as EX-2143, the #90 car, the '229' car, the Terrible Turkey
      David Parris, North Carolina

      Former Owners/Locales;
      Chuck Sydoryk, Los Angeles, CA
      Andy Granatelli, Los Angeles, CA

      R3   R-1007

      "The #9 (Granatelli) Bonneville Car"
      Owner: John Hora, Granada Hills, CA - AOAI 1996 - 2011

      Former owners;
      Gary Hess

      Body# 63 RQ-107, Engine # B15, (R3/R4 Register)
      Converted to R3 for speed trials at Bonneville in Oct 1963
      Driven by Paula Murphy for Andy Granatelli

      Suspension Pics

      Aug 2012

      R2 R-1008

      22 Jul 2012

      Former Owners/Locales;
      Ronald D. Vollmar, ? USA (Original Owner)

      R2 R-1009
      SDC Forum #29730 - June 2009

      R2 R-1012

      22 Jan 2006
        1963 Studebaker Avanti Supercharged - Engine rblt recently. Extra
        1964 Supercharged engine. Car #12. $28,000/OBO Former S.W.S.D.C.Z.C.


      R2 R-1012

      Margo Rana, Santa Barbara, CA - TS Classifieds - March 2005


      Lloyd Moyer, Coldwater, MI - AOAI 1996 - 2011

      Former Owners/Locales;
      Denny Wilson, Fort Wayne, IN
      AOAI V4 Jan 1973

      The #8 Car!
      R3 R-1014
      (found) 07 Mar 2005
      Frederick MD

      Former Owners/ Locales;
      Ray Cash - Burbank CA - Until 1966
      Robert A. Nicholson - Midwest City OK (1977)

      SDC Forum Thread & pics - Feb 2010

      R1 R-1015 (4 speed)
      (63 RQ-115, engine R-1004)
      Jack Morgan, McMinnville OR - AOAI #035 - Summer 1977
      R3 R-1016
      Andy Petrass, South Bend, IN
      Body # 63RQ116
      May 1985 - 2011 (AOAI)


      Former Owners / Locales;
      Ed Reynolds-2/85 to 5/85
      Gordon Y Mills-8/67 to 2/85
      Walter M. Baca - original Owner Nov 1962, Sacramento, CA (Pending)

      R1 R-1017
      Andy Petrass, South Bend, IN

      R1 R-1019
      John Wilson, St. Louis, MO - AOAI 2011
      R2 R-1020
      Frank & Diane Checchin
      Former Owners/Locales;
      Jerry Gleason, Algonquin, IL - AOAI 1996
      R2 R-1021
      Douglas Bogard, Grand Rapids, MI - AOAI 1996 - 2011

      R2 R-1023

      Wayne Bennett, (?)

      Herb Scheffer, Clearwater, FL
      Turning Wheels, June 1988

      R2 R-1024
      Jarvis Rich, San Francisco, CA - AOAI Reg. 1996 - 2011

      R3 R-1025
      Geoffrey Crall
      Danville, CA 94506-1221

      R1 R-1026
      Bob Nunnick, Pompton Plains, NJ - AOAI 2011
      R2 R-1027
      Gary Mortimer, Cincinnati, OH - AOAI 2011

      R1 R-1028

      Dick Shurson, New Boston, IL - AOAI Reg. 2011

      Former Owners/Locales;
      DeKalb, IL -


      R1 R-1028

      Peoria, IL - Turning Wheels, December 1996
      Richard Zimmerman, New Boston, IL - AOAI 1996(?)


      R1 R-1028

      Dick Zimmerman,New Boston, IL - Turning Wheels, January, 1988


      R2 R-1028
      (4 speed)
      Gary Mortimer, Harrison OH - AOAI #038 - Spring 1978

      R2 R-1029
      Ralph W. Golightly, Gadsden, AL - AOAI 1996
      R2 R-1031
      Scott Stastny, West Chicago, IL - AOAI Reg. 1996 - 2011

      R2 R-1034

      Roger Wards 1962 Indy Award Car
      William Silhan, Pensacola, FL
      AOAI Reg. 2011

      Former Owners/Locales;
      (adnetmotors), Long Beach, CA -Ebay Sale, July 2005


      R2 R-1034

      Milwaukee, WI
      Turning Wheels, May 1993

      Former Owners/Locales;
      Richard L. Verkler, Lake Forest, Il - AOAI 1996
      Roger Ward, Indy 500 Winner, Presented by Studebaker Corporation

      1963 R1 R-1036

      (Cactus Classics) - Florida - Classified Sale - July 2013


      Dennis Serra,( Classified sale - Oct 2011



      (dannyk5120), Scottsdale, AZ - Ebay Sale - June 2006

      R2 R-1040

      31 Oct 2004
      Paul A. Duseau
        R2 automatic, PW, PS, PB. White burgundy seats, black carpets. Very complete.

      Paul A. Duseau

      R2 R-1043

      (blownalcohol1), Cortland, NY - Ebay Sale - Oct 2013

      R1 R-1044

      Chuck Lecain, Howard Beach NY
      Turning Wheels, May 1973

      R2 R-1047

      (gearhead-electronics), Harlingen, TX - Ebay sale - Oct 2011

      R2 R-1049

      (body tag - 63RQ-220)
      (bobprincipal),(Bob Ruder)- Lancaster, PA - Ebay Sale - June 2013
      R1 R-1052
      James F. Parisio, Forestville, NY
      AOI Reg. 2011

      Since Jun 14, 2006

      Former Owners/Locales;
      Dave LeVesque, Marion, Il - AOAI 1996

      Ed Augustine
      R2 R-1059
      David Levesque
      Marion, IL -


      John Schweisthal, Batavia, IL - AOAI #159 - June 2012

      Former Owners/Locales;
      (redcuda_340), Batavia, IL - Ebay Sale - Aug 2013


      1963 R-1062

      Craigslist Batavia, IL - May 2013


      R1 R-1062

      Jerry Hobson, Fort Myers, FL


      Earl Geyer, Chicago, IL - Turning Wheels, October 1978

      Turning Wheels - Feb 2014


      R2 R-1063

      (dzimtech2000), Oregon City, OR - Ebay Sale - Nov 2012


      R2 R-1063

      Jan 5, 2003 -
      Edward Scanlons
      St. Paul, MN

        R2 38,000 miles, PW, PB, PS, Found as a wreck at ex Stude dealer in Illinois
        and rebuilt for my father who knew its history and worked with Raymond L. at
        Northwest Air after WWII. Now third generation Stude.

      R1 R-1064
      Michael Schlenk, Carmel, IN - AOAI 1996 - 2011

      R2 R-1065

      Barney McClure, Cleburne, TX - AOAI 2011

      Former Owners/Locales;
      Terry Sterkel, Bonham, TX -Nov 2005 - 2009

        (factory 4-speed) Red exterior. Fawn and black interior. Electric windows.
      Former owner: Kim Miller, Kirkland, WA 98034
      Kim, family & Tom Kellog in picture

      R1 R-1068

      (goldenhawk), Elverta, CA
      Ebay Sale, June 2007


      R1 R-1068

      (cycleup1), Mira Loma, CA - Ebay Sale, July 2006

      R1 R-1069
      H. E. Spicer, Oxford, NY - AOAI 2011

      R2 R-1071

      Edward Kneller, Moscow, PA - AOAI 2011

      Former Owners/Locales;
      K. V. Smith, Winston-Salem, NC
      Turning Wheels, August 1978

      R1 R-1072

      Don Kelstrom, Seattle, WA - Classified Sale - Sept 2014

      Former Owners/Locales;
      Russ Haggen, Bellingham, WA 98225

      1963 R-1073

      (den-cars), Longmont, CO - Ebay Sale - Nov 2014
      R1 R-1079
      Richard Knoll, Humble, TX
      AOAI Reg. 2011
      R2 R-1080
      Timothy J. Bramhall - Jun 2007


      Cleveland, OH - Turning Wheels, November 1983

      R2 R-1081
      (roxysdayoff) Golden Valley, AZ - Ebay Sale - June 2012

      R2 R-1083

      (Project Avanti) AOAI Forum Nov 2011

      Former Owners/Locales;
      James Allen, Spokane, WA
      AOAI Reg. 2011

      Uvalde, TX - Ebay Sale -Dec 2007

      1963 R-1084

      (dez0418), Eustis, FL - Ebay Sale - June 2013


      1963 R2 R-1084

      (tomply32), Royal Palm Beach, FL
      Ebay Sale, September 2008

      Lloyd J. Cox

      R3 R-1089

      11 December 2001
      Gary Miller, Mayer, MN 55360
      since Nov 2001

      Info Auction Sale - Oct 2011

      R3 R-1090
      Chuck Pietrosewicz, Decatur, GA - (R2) AOAI 1996
      SDC Forum #29730 - June 2009
      R2 R-1094
      Richard Pollen, Maniwotoc, WI - AOAI 2011
      R2 R-1097
      Dr. Greg E. Johnson, Avon, CT - AOAI 1996 -2011
      R1 R-1098
      C. R. Delaney, Warren, MI - AOAI 1996

      R2 R-1099

      Joe Parsons, Raleigh, NC - AOAI 2011-2014
      R2 R-1101
      Robert D. Jackson, Prairie Village, KS
      AOAI 1996 - 2001 - 2011

      1963 R2 R-1102

      (jphila1), South Bend, IN
      Ebay Sale, September 2008

      R2 R-1106
      Former Owners/Locales;
      Raymond Loewy (build Sheet notation)

      R2 R-1111
      Klif Helgeson, St Cloud, MN - Feb 2009 - AOAI 2011 - 2014
      Former Owners/Locales;
      Ed Stack, St Cloud, MN - 2005 - 2009
      (jrsjerky), Santa Paula, CA
      Ebay sale, April 2005


      April 2007
      Fort Wayne, IN

      R2 R-1115
      Vincent Macdonald, Champaign, IL - AOAI 1996
      R2 R-1116

      R2 R-1117

      Robert L. Weir, Mar 3, 2005
      (Sold in 2006 and shipped to France)

        .I currently own: 63r1810, 63r2116, 63r2824A, 63r2859, 63r3039 and 63r3404.

      Former Owners/Locales;
      William Sponsler, Richmond, IN - AOAI 1996

      R2 R-1119
      Wendell Will, Pipesville, PA - AOAI 2011
      Apr 9, 2004
        Original gold paint with fawn interior, automatic, 47,000 mi.
        Exceptional condition for a "survivor." Love it!

      R1 R-1121
      29 July 2001
      Samjoe, SDC Forum, May 2010

      Former Owners/Locales;
      Malcolm Gillette,Hutchinson, KS 67501
      May 2001 - May 2010 (AOAI Reg. 2011?)
      Brian Benson, OKC 73118
      EBAY Purchase

        Power windows, automatic

      R2 R-1122
      Lewis Schucart, Maryland Heights, MO 63043 - AOAI 2011
      (body - 1963 rq-1250)
        Factory delivery without Power Steering / R2 automatic, 3:73 rear end,
        turquoise paint & interior, originally a factory show car before sold in Kansas.

      R2 R-1133

      (719susang) Ebay purchaser - April 2011

      Former Owners/Locales;
      Al Inserra, San Francisco, CA (original owner)
      AOAI Reg. 1996 - 2009 - Ebay Sale (specialfindsbydesign) - Mar 2011

      R1 R-1134
      Max Corkins, Lewistown, PA 07 Nov 2008
      Owned since:?
      R1 R-1135
      Daniel J Wetovick, Fullerton, NE - AOAI 2011
      Owned since:1989
        First California delivery in 1962. In family since new.
        Lore...   (11 Sep 2014)      
      R1 R-1138
      Mike Fischer, Nottingham, NH - AOAI 2011

      Former Owners/Locales;
      John Smith?

      R1 R-1142
      David R. Hanson, Spaulding, IL - AOAI 1996

      Former Owners/Locales;

      R1 R-1142
      - Don Hart, St Charles, MO (owned in the 70's)
      TW July 1985

      R1 R-1144

      Jerry(?), Maryville, TN
      TW August 2000
      R1 R-1145
      Richard Pauline, Sautee, GA
      AOAI Reg. 2011
      R1 R-1148
      Chris Benko, Pompano. Beach, Fl - AOAI 1996
      R1 R-1150
      Lewis Schucart, Maryland Heights, MO 63043 - AOAI 2011
      R1 R-1155
      Urs Meyer, Neiderglatt, Switzerland
      AOAI Reg. 2009 - 2014


      (modern-eyes), Englewood, NJ - Ebay Sale - March - 2013



      (Modern-eyes), Teaneck, NJ - Ebay Sale, March 2009



      Hackensack, NJ - Ebay Sale - July 2007

      R2 R-1160
      Ray Juskavitch, Millbury, MA - AOAI 1996
      R1 R-1161
      Jeff Guyse, Long Beach, CA - AOAI Reg. 2011

      Former Owners/Locales;
      Glenn D. Young, Harbor City, CA - AOAI 1996

      R1 R-1165
      Jan Bunzel, Millbrae, CA - AOAI 1996
      R1 R-1168
      Geofry Park, Sylmar, CA
      AOAI Reg. 2011

      R1 R-1171
      John R. Allen, Rootstown, OH - AOAI 2011

      R2 R-1175

      William Harris, Ontario, CA - AOAI 2009 - 2014
      (Pic - Dover Delaware - July - 2014)
      R2 R-1176
      Randy Cunningham, Lake Junaluska, NC - AOAI 2011

      R3(?) R-1177

      Williard Hammill, Roanoke VA - AOAI 2011

      since early 80's /Supercharged, and Air conditioned

      R1 R-1179
      George Magliveras, Pireaus, Athens, GR
      AOAI Reg. 2009

      R1 R-1179

      Savvas & George Magliveras
      AOAI #156 Article
      NOTE: Article has erroneous reference to R-1171

      R1 R-1180
      Gene E. Grove, Waynesboro, VA - AOAI 2011-2014
      R2 R-1182
      Ben Wenberg, South Escanaba, MI 49829
      01 Oct 2001
      05 January 2002
        Supercharged, automatic, power steering, and Twin Traction.
        Former Owner: Bob Hermsted, Fairfield, MT 59436
        Until January 2002

      R2 R-1184

      (clifford396), Sacramento, CA
      Ebay Sale, Febryaru 2011

      R2 R-1187

      (pic from Ebay - June 2012)
      Ed Skomoroh, Annandale, MN
      AOAI Reg. 2011

      R1 R-1188
      Feb 17, 2001
      Frederic & Bridget Freeman
        R2 turquoise, rebuilt engine, mostly original, a few upgrades.

      R2 R-1196

      Wayne Rigsby, Louviers, Co - AOAI 1996
      R1 R-1203
      Mario Manoccio, Concord Twp., OH - AOAI 2011
      R1 R-1204
      Carl Held, Ontario, CA
      AOAI Reg. 2009

      R2 R-1205

      (pmcollision), Mears, MI - Ebay Sale, October 2005
      R1 R-1208
      David Crone, Lexington, SC - AOAI 2011
      (Body Tag 63R0380)
      R1 R-1209
      Hal Lindquist, Tucson, AZ, AOAI Reg. 2011

      Former Owners/Locales;
      Philip Mosher, Rockford, IL - AOAI 1996

      R1 R-1211
      Randy Boone, Porterville, CA - AOAI 1994 - 1996

      R1 R-1213
      Roy & Shirley Dost
      Benton Harbor, MI - AOAI Reg. 2011
        Purchased in September 2003. Grabs attention where ever it goes. Body# 63RQ370
        R1 automatic, black with red & white interior, 85,000 Miles. PS, PB, no Air.
        Former owner did major restoration,
        but no documentation available. Looking forward to some shows next summer.

      R2 R-1216

      Rich Koury, Koury Investments - Summit, MO - Sale - Aug 2014

      Former Owners/Locales;
      Charles O. Diefendorf, Vero beach, FL - AOAI Reg. 1996 - 2011

      R1 R-1219
      Stan Goldstein, Woodland Hills, Ca - AOAI 1996
      R1 R-1220
      Ashby Toulmin, Dallas, TX - AOAI 2011

      R1 R-1222

      (ibuyalot13), New Oxford, PA
      Ebay Sale, Dec 2008
      R1 R-1223
      Dec 4 , 2004
      Adam Sithers
        R1 white with fawn/black interior, 3-speed, 2nd owner.

      R2 R-1224

      William Hensley, Franklinville N.C. 27248
      (July 2012 -)

      Former Owners/Locales;
      (miamiford), Miami FL
      Ebay Sale - July 2012


      R2 R-1224
      Ebay - Sept 2004

      R1 R-1225
      Kenny bell, Charleston, WV - AOAI 2011
      R1 R-1227
      01 Jan 02
      Apr 3, 2006
      Anthony Warburton
        EBAY Sale

        pearl white, Pwindows, auto
        New Owner:
        Avanti White with maroon interior, automatic R1. Recent total frame off
        restoration and now used only on sunny days. Has new and fitted high ratio
        steering arms, otherwise as it left South Bend.
      Former Owners/Locales;
      Lees Auto Ranch, Ellington, CT
      Aldo Pavan, Manchester, CT - AOAI 1996

      R1 R-1228

      Carl Seaver, Asbury Park, NJ - Ebay Sale - Sept 2014


      R1 R-1228

      Regis G. Idec
      Since Mar 2010

      Former Owners/Locales;
      (skylark.1) Toms River NJ
      Ebay Sale , April 2010


      Jim & Susie Pearce, LakeLand, FL - AOAI Reg. 1996 - 2011

      Car Specs ( Since April 1969 )     (Sold at American Service Center, Arl, Va)

      R1 R-1232
      Edwin J. Rhodes, Athens, GA
      AOAI Reg. 2011

      Former Owners/Locales;

      R2 R-1232

      Arlene Carpenter, Kokomo, IN - Turning Wheels, June 1983

      R1 R-1235
      Chuck Galauner, Auburn, IL - AOAI Reg. 2011
      R2 R-1236
      (Body # 404, DOM - 9/62) (AS2-10 - 10445)
      Bill Patterson, Ontario CA

      R2 R-1237
      Richard Haynes, Ventura, CA - AOAI 1996
      R1 R-1239
      Vern Root, Hobe Sound, FL -AOAI Reg. 2011

      Former Owners/Locales;
      Charles L. Geeen, Ft. Pierce, FL - AOAI 1996

      R1 R-1242
      Gordon Wintrup, British Columbia CA
      AOAI Reg. 2009 - 2011

      R1 R-1244

      John P. Fischer, Grand Rapids MI - AOAI 1996 - Craigslist , Oct 2010
      R2 R-1245
      Kees Richie Melvyn Richie
      Eindhoven, Nl

      R1 R-1246
      Don Watts, Boise, ID - AOAI 2011
      R1 R-1248
      Dave Moore, Durfur, OR - AOAI 2011

      R1 R-1250

      Lewis Schucart, Maryland Heights, MO 63043 - AOAI 2011
      Photo - July 2011 - Gettysburg PA

        Also R-1122

      R1 R-1251

      (bodytag - 63RQ-431) Samuel Kaban, Manitoba, CA
      AOAI Reg. 2009 - 2011
      R2 R-1252
      Former Owners/Locales;
      Sherwood Egbert, President of Studebaker Corporation (Build Sheet Notation)
      R2 R-1255
      John Matthews, Verona, WI - SDC Classifieds - Aug 2011
      R1 R-1257
      Ray Pardo, Greenlawn, NY - AOAI 2011
      R2 R-1259
      Windsor, CT - Sale - Sep 2011
      R2 R-1261
      Don Nickel, Kenai, AK
      AOAI Reg. 2011


      R1 R-1261

      Eleanor Gernert, Los Angeles C - AOAI #056 - Summer 1985

      R1 R-1262
      David Stempler, Hauppage, NY - AOAI 2011

      Oct 24, 2004

      R2 R-1269

      Amanda Michaud, Windsor, CT - Craigslist - April 2011

      AOAI Reg. 2011


      Amanda Michaud, Windsor, CT
      Former Owners/Locales:
      Harold C. Michaud, Windsor, CT - AOAI 1996
      Pedroat, Spokane, WA - Turning Wheels, April 1995

      R1 R-1272
      John Zapach, Alberta CA
      AOAI Reg. 2009

      Darrel Seher, Jamestown ND

      R2 R-1272

      R2 R-1273
      William B. Russell, Paso Robles, Ca - AOAI 1996

      R2 R-1274

      (greedywoman),Lake Havasu City, AZ
      Ebay Sale, October 2008 (DN make reserve)
      Ebay Sale, November 2008 (DN make reserve)

      R2 R-1277
      Darrell Duke, Camden AR
      AOAI Reg. 2011
      R1 R-1278
      Clifton B. Holland, Savannah, GA - AOAI 1996

      R1 R-1280

      (4 Speed)
      (mstemen1), Amaheim, CA - Ebay Sale - Aug 2012


      Avanti Northwest Classifieds - April 2013


      R2 R-1281

      Elliott Morse, Woolrich ME - AOAI 1996 - 2011

      Former Owners/Locales;
      Richard Bennett III, Irwin, PA - Turning Wheels, February 1976

      R1 R-1283
      Donald knipp, Kewaunee, WI - AOAI 2011
      R1 R-1289
      Ted Andrews, Carmel, IN
      August 2012

      Former Owners/Locales;
      Marty Luckoski, Bellbrook, Ohio
      Parke W. Oekme - Jul 2005
      Rick Connolly Chesapeake; VA
      M. Britt, Rochester, NY


      AOAI Quarterly #167 Classifieds - Page 74 - Aug 2014


      1963 R-1290

      Walter Keegan, Tom's River, NJ - AOAI #166 Classifieds, May 2014


      R2 R-1290

      Walter Keegan Jr., Old Bridge, NJ 08857 - AOAI 2011
      For sale - Sep 2011

      R1 R-1291
      Lee Pontius, Auburn, IN
      AOAI 1996 - 2011

      R1 R-1298

      York SwapMeet - Mar 2012


      Rick Connolly
      Chesapeake, VA 23321
      Might be another numbers mixup

      R2 R-1299
      Joseph Raimondo, Mercerville, NJ - AOAI 2011

      Turning Wheels - June 1992

      R1 R-1300

      June 2007
      Ebay Sale
        R1 R-1300
        21 Aug 2003
        EBAY SALE ( no pics )
        Miami FL
          power steering and power brakes. all original. Ran
          several years ago, the engine turns. ran and drove well when parked. paint
          has been completely stripped. vehicle is in need of restoration.Everthing is
          with the vehicle. some items are in boxes. engine is origional R1, 289.The
          hog troffs need to be repaired . the 300th Avanti built.


      R2 R-1300

      Robert Saturno, Rochester, NY
      Turning Wheels, July 1984

      R2 R-1303

      Richard Hammel, Pittsburgh, PA
      Turning Wheels, September 1987

      R1 R-1304
      Bob Lerch, Williamsville, NY - AOAI 2011
      04 Nov 2003
        Our Avanti is an unrestored car that was repainted the original
        "Avanti Gold" in 1980. The odometer shows milage in the upper 60k area, which I believe
        to be correct. The car is an automatic and has Twin Traction, original AM/FM radio,
        power steering, power brakes that I converted to dual master cylinder. I also changed
        over to an electric fuel pump and Edelbrock 4 bbl. carb. I removed the original heater
        and installed a complete Vintage Air heater/AC/defroster system that works great. I
        also upgraded to a Mazda alternator with an internal regulator. At the same time, I
        added a couple of "master" fuses for protection. We have also just installed a set
        of 15x6 Torque Thrust "D" wheels which really look great! The car isn't a show car
        . . . It is a DRIVER that we enjoy very much!
        56K original miles

      R2 R-1306

      (lew-lew39), Enid OK - Ebay Sale - Nov 2011
      R1 R-1308
      Bill Verbryke, Elmore, OH - AOAI 2011
      R2 R-1311
      Somewhere in the Netherlands
      Previous Owner
      Frank Letts
      Stafford, TX 77477

      R2 R-1314
      David Moxham, Ontario, CA
      AOAI Reg. 2009 - 2011

      R2 R-1318

      (studecrew), South Bend, IN - Ebay Sale - May 2013

      Former Owners/Locales;
      Paul O'Malley, Ft. Wayne, IN - AOAI 2011
      John Poulos, Arnold MD 2003 - Parts car?

      R2 R-1319

      William McGowan Jr., Geneva, AL - AOAI 2014

      Former Owners/Locales;
      Auction Sale - Tipp City OH - Dec 2011

      Esther Price family (Price Candies)


      R2 R-1319
      William McGowan, Geneva, AL
      AOAI Reg. 2011
      (looking for answers on this one)

      R2 R-1320
      Jeffery Gerlitz, Longwood, FL
      AOAI Reg. 2011

      R3 R-1321

      Dr. Bill Pogue, Schreveport, LA
      Ebay Sale, August 2009


      1963 R3 R-1321

      (with editorial disclaimer)
      Schreveport, Louisiana
      Turning Wheels, May 1999

      R1 R-1325

      Anthony Stafford, San Martin, CA - AOAI 2011

      Former Owners/Locales;
      JOhn Shanahan, Melrose Park, IL - AOAI 1996

      1963 R2 R-1326

      Lancaster PA, Sept 2008

      1963 R-1328

      Dover International Meet - July 2014
      R1 R-1331
      Dec 31, 2002
      Suzan Stoll
        Don't have much info about this car because it was saved
        from the parts car pit just in the nick of time. It has no engine,
        tranny, gauges, and other small parts butit will be put back
        together eventually.

      04 Jan 2004
      David Littlefield David Littlefield
      Palm Springs, FL 33461

        Parts Car - Chassis too poor to renovate / Body to be used on chassis of 63R-2990 ( see note below)

        History - Purchased on Ebay, in August of 2003, from a Suzanne Stoll in
        Appleton, Wisconsin, who purchased it a year earlier, with no engine or
        tranny. Was purchased by Stoll, in order to renovate, but health issues
        arose and resale required.

        originally turquoise exterior, with black interior.

          R-2990 - same owner as above - Body poor, will be rebodied from R-1331
          Car (1331) was wrecked badly in the front and was too far gone to salvage. Pillar
          post all but gone. Major metal rust everywhere in the body itself. It was
          my father's who bought it with a damaged right front fender in I think 1967
          or 68 from the original owner (Helen Tyson)who bought it new in the West Palm
          Beach area. When my father died he willed it to my sister. In time she
          wrecked it and threw it into storage for quite some time where it rotted away.
          She suddenly died and then I got it. I had it shipped back to Florida from
          San Francisco sight unseen, and upon arrival was sick to see how far gone she
          was. I decided to do a body off restoration on her. I bought another 63
          Avanti with no engine and rotted frame on eBay (#1331) mainly to use the good
          body on my decent frame & hog troughs,and use my engine. I am currently DEEP
          into the long, ongoing body off restoration. I will keep her all original.
          White exterior, turquoise & fawn interior. A/C, automatic.

      R2 R-1332

      Rex Kennedy, Hudson, CO 80642
      AOAI Reg. 2011

      R2 R-1332b

      R1 R-1333
      Deb Froehlich, Clarkston, MI - AOAI Reg. 2011

      Former Owners/Locales;
      Jerone Froehlich, Midland, MI - AOAI 1996

      R1 R-1335
      Aug 10, 2003


      Ted Hamilton, Pender Island, BC, Canada
      AOAI #167 Classifieds - Aug 2014
      R1 R-1339


      Turning Wheels - May 1998

      Former Owners/Locales;
      Richard Marty, Toronto, Canada (1990 - 1998)
      Ken ?, Toronto, Canada
      Delivered to the Dakotas when new..

      R2 R-1341

      Kurt Swanson, Cerritos, CA - AOAI #042 Classifieds - Spring 1979
      R1 R-1342
      Aug 31, 2004
      Jeff C. Bittenbender
        Avanti red with black and off-white interior. Automatic with AC, runs great
        with a little over 70,000 miles.

      1963 R-1343

      Harry Gaye, Perth, WA
      Sale ad, November 2008


      R2 R-1343
      Jun 17, 2004
      Harry van Wees

        R2 4-speed, Australia

      R1 R-1344

      Perry ?, Monterey, CA - Craigslist Sale April 2011
      R3 R-1346
      Victor Pazdziesz, Havasu City, AZ - AOAI Reg. 2011

      Former Owners/Locales;
      Victor J. Pazdziesz, El Cajon, CA - AOAI 1996

      1963 R-1348
      John Brissette, Louisville KY - AOAI 1996 - 2011

      R2 R-1350

      James Moore, Albany, GA - AOAI 1996
      (jmoore1001),Albany, GA - Ebay Sale, August 2006

      (Formerly John Ebstein)

      R1 R-1351
      Dave Van Emperen, Neenah, WI - AOAI 2011
      Sale - AOAI classifieds - Sep 2011
      R1 R-1354
      Richard Haynes, Ventura, CA - AOAI 1996


      Keith Wahl, Lo Jolla, CA
      2009 - AOAI Reg. 2011

      Harold Gibson, Penryn, CA
      Carl & Darlene Richardson, Farr West, UT - AOAI Reg. 2004

      R2 R-1358

      (e-motorclassics), Fairfield, OH
      Ebay Sale, February 2009


      R2 R-1358

      Doug Atchley, Evant Texas
      Turning Wheels, January 1993

      R2 R-1359
      Gordon Smith, Douglas, WY - AOAI 2011

      Former Owners/Locales;
      Apr 10, 2005
      Bill Lightner

        Bought the car in Colorado Springs as the second owner in 1968. R-2,
        automatic, Avanti maroon with fawn interior. Primary car for years, still runs great.
        Needs some TLC but has new brakes, motor mounts, and I spend money on it when I'm able.

      R2 R-1360

      R1 R-1361

      Mrs. Dedricks, Los Angeles, CA - AOAI #044 Spring 1980

      R1 R-1363

      Steve Houston, Houston, TX
      Turning Wheels, April 1996
      R1 R-1365
      Don Cox, Corona, CA
      AOAI Reg. 2011
      R1 R-1369
      Jim Elder, Rockport, TX - AOAI 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
      R2 R-1376
      May 14, 2006
      Peter G. Godek
        R2 Built 10/01/62. 4-speed, manual steering, 373 gear. Sold in NC,
        purchased in 1987, everyday driver until 92. Rebuilt car in 97/aluminum heads, R3,
        304.5 updated suspension, 331/s erb huffer, fac AM/FM.

      R2 R-1378
      Robert Blomquist, Bayshore, NY - AOAI 2011
      R2 R-1379
      Ed Capozzi, Lakeville, MA - AOAI 1996 - 2011

      R1 R-1380

      Engine # 63RS-1264
      Jul 3, 2002
      Frank Donnelly
      Columbus, OH
        Vehicle is in mint condition with under 52,000 miles.

      Ebay Sale, April 2007

      R1 R-1381
      Paul Leclair, Chattaroy, WA - AOAI 2011

      (Entry 20 June 2001)
      Owned since JULY 1996

      R0 (LS5) R-1384

      Howard Levine, Davie FL
      Dec 2010



      Former Owners/locales;
      Kerry Whitson, Wilmington, NC
      Craigslist, Nov 2009


      R0 R-1384

      (eshove1), Clearwater, FL
      Ebay Sale, May 2009
      (89 Corvette drivetrain)

      R2 R-1385

      R2 R-1386

      Los Angeles, CA - EBAY Sale -26 Sep 2002
      Odd front end revision

      Kevin L. Pharis
      Since 2009

      R1 R-1389

      Bob Dusenbery, Aztec, NM - AOAI 2011
      R2 R-1391
      Mike Maciog, Ansonia, CT - OAIA 1996

      Dwayne Jacobson, Junction City, WI

      R1 R-1395
      Ted Murray, South Chna, ME - AOAI 2011
      R1 R-1400
      Eugene Gosthnian, Middletown, PA - AOAI 2011

      R1 R-1404

      August 2006
      Stephen Wohleber - AOAI - 2014
      (pic - Dover, Delaware - July 2014)

      R2 R-1406

      Neil Grant, Chrysler, Ontario CA
      2010 -

      Frank Willison, RR4, Ontario, CA KoE 1B0

      R2 R-1408
      John A. Hoban, Colchester, CT - AOAI Reg. 1996 - 2011

      R1 R-1411
      (Body 63RQ-596)
      Steve Brenneman, Carson City, NV 89703
      Purchase Aug 2011 -       info


      R1 R-1411
      Former Owners/Locales;
      Mark Sigfrinius, Goldendale, Washington 98620


      Mike Hill, Mill Valley, CA - Turning Wheels, August 1996 ( AOAI 1996)

      R2 R-1412
      Alan Stephens, Acampo, CA - AOAI 1996
      R2 R-1413
      Stanley T. Augustyn, Oak Ridge, NJ - AOAI 2011
      R1 R-1414
      Jim Niklaus, Naperville, IL - AOAI Reg. 2011

      Former Owners/Locales;
      Carl and Dee Wesser - Hollywood, Alabama


      (50studechamp), Waco, TX - Ebay Sale - Feb 2014


      R1 R-1416

      (bodytag 63RQ-549)..
      David Barrett, (?) TX ( Feb 2012)

      Former Owners/Locales;
      Jay D. Lagree, Rehoboth Beach, DE - AOAI 1996

      1963 R1 R-1417
      Ted Harbit, Summitville, IN - AOAI 1996 - 2011

      1963 R2 R-1421

      (lovea409), Woodville, WI
      Ebay Sale, November 2009
      R2 R-1422
      Former Owners/Locales;
      "Hertz Fleet", (Build Sheet notation)
      R2 R-1425
      John Morgrette, Saginaw, MI - AOAI Reg. 2011

      Former Owners/Locales;
      John Morgrette, Palatine, IL - AOAI 1996
      Mike Cleinmark Sr., Stickney, IL - Turning Wheels - Aug 1991


      Virgil Marple, Maple Plain, MN

      R2 R-1429
      June Kutzera, Locomis, Ca - AOAI 1996

      R2 R-1430

      (dennisdavida), Fresno, CA - Ebay Sale - Oct 2014
      Info R1 R-1431     From Coventry Motors Beverly Hills, CA


      R2 R-1433
      Patricia Mitchell, Holman, WI - AOAI 2022
      R1 R-1438
      Paul Wolfe, Evergreen, CO - AOAI 1996
      R1 R-1442
      Barrie Cooper, San Diego, CA - AOAI Reg. 1996 - 2011
      R1 R-1443
      Milan Johnson, Overland Park, KS - AOAI 2011
      R2 R-1447
      Darrell E. Carr, Charlestown, WV - AOAI 2011
      Owned since 1983


      Bill Magnusson, Denver, CO ( June 2013)

      Former Owners/Locales;
      Ron Relyea, Springville, CA - AOAI 1996

      R1 R-xxxx
      (Serial Pending)
      Carl Carilli, Woodbury, NY Hemmings Classifieds - Oct 2014
      R2 R-1450
      Jon B. Myer, Duncan Falls, OH - AOAI 2011

      R2 R-1454

      (robertf9207), Newport Beach, CA - Ebay Sale - Oct 2012)
      R1 R-1455
      Stuart Tritt, Kimball, NE - AOAI 2011
      R1 R-1457
      Glenn Bunnell, Las Vegas, NV - AOAI 2011
      R1 R-1458
      Charles Lampman, Kennesaw, GA - AOAI Reg. 1996 - 2011
      R1 R-1464
      Eleanor Gernert, ? CA (Since 2011)

      Former Oweners/Locales;
      John Martin, Gaylord, MI -
      John Martin, Suttons Bay, MI - AOAI 1996

      R2 R-1465

      Bill Mayhew (?)


      1963 R2 R-1465

      Connors Motor Car Co., Westchester, NY - Consignment sale, November 2009

      1963 R2 R-1468

      (435executivesuzuki), St. George, UT
      Ebay Sale (Lien), March 2006


      1963 R2 R-1468

      (wishlee123), Denver, CO
      Ebay Sale, March 2006


      1963 R2 R-1468

      (avanticarfan), Atlanta, GA
      Ebay Sale, July 2005


      October 2001
      Chuck Lampman, Kennasaw, GA

      1963 R1 R-1471

      (goldbergbarry), Boca Raton, FL, Ebay Sale - April 2012


      1963 R1 R-1471

      (orlandoclassiccars), Orlando FL
      Ebay Sale - Aug 2010 - No AOAI Registration


      1963 R1 R-1471

      Kruse Auction - Oct 1007
          (entry Feb 2014 - Jboyle)  

      Former Owners/Locales;
      Mort Kissell, Palos Park, IL - AOAI 1996

      R1 R-1472 Robert A. Dunn, Jr., Nodaway, IA - AOAI 1996

      1963 R2 R-1473

      R Crediford, San Jose CA
      owned since 1997
      Ebay Sale, December 2009

      ? - Stockton, CA

      R2 R-1475

      Robert T. Leonard, Hummelstown, PA - AOAI 2011
      Photo July 2011 - Gettysburg PA

      Former Owners/Locales;
      Fred Fox, Chambersburg, PA 17201

      R2 R-1476
      22 May 2002
      Ken Michael
      New Orleans, LA 70131

      R2 R-1478
      Bob Ziff, Morrisville, PA 10 October 2002
      Owned since Aug 86
      Former Owners/Locales;
      Bob Ziff, Langhorne, PA 19047
      Alice Cooper, Hollywood, CA

      1963 R-1479

      John DeFilippo, Mt. Airy, Md.

      Corvette Brakes, Tremec 5 Speed

      R1 R-1480

      Workman Auto Sales, Pleasant Gap, PA - Aug 2011

      R1 R-1483

      Marty Kleiber, Milwaukee, WI ( 2011-)

      Former Owners/Locales;
      Max Corkins, Lewistown, PA
      Ebay Sale - Apr 2011 - (Sold!)


      R1 R-1483
      Peter Crisitello, Princeton, NJ - AOAI 2011

      R1 R-1485

      Craigslist Sale - Nov 2012

      1963 R-1489

      (liv4today), Bellingham, WA - Ebay Sale - Aug 2013
      R1 R-1491
      Ken Robinson, Indiana, PA July 2006
      Destroyed in fire (date?). Chassis and drive train remained
      Sold as parts car, along with R-2931


      Dave Balek, Mason City IA
      March 2005 - AOAI Reg. 2011
        R1 3-speed floor shift w/overdrive. .Manual steering 16 to 1 ratio,
        A/C, tinted windshield w/sun band. Tinted side glass, radio. Elk interior.
        Was factory gold but had been repainted red. Now stripped and awaiting new
        Avanti gold paint. Dealer added od and fender mirrors. Had a complete engine and
        transmission overhaul about 285 miles ago. Previous owner had car for 28 years before
        I purchased it. Ordered and delivered to Denham Springs, Louisiana on Oct. 18th 1962.

      R1 R-1494
      Drew Gedra, Orchard Park, NY
      OAI Reg. 2011

      R1 R-1496
      Jim Frakes
      Tully NY 13159
      Owned since: May 96


      Mike Myers, Duncan Falls OH
      Photo - July 2011 - Gettysburg PA
      R1 R-1498
      Ron Maracle
      W.St.Paul, MN

      R2 R-1499
      (Psft ID red tag AS4-10 10019)
      Peter John Bacich, Kendenup,AU - AOAI Reg. 2011 Since August 2004


      (gedlom), ? NY - Ebay Sale - Oct 2012

      Robert Gebhart, Cincinnati, OH - Turning Wheels, June 1987


      R3 - R-1506

      Robert Gebhart, Cincinnati, OH - Turning Wheels - August 1986


      R2 R-1506

      Turning Wheels, August 1995


      R2 R-1506

      Dwight Fitzsimmons, Charlottesville, VA
      Turning Wheels, March 1994

      R2 R-1512
      13 Dec 2001
      Holly Hill
      Orlando, FL
        Ebay Sale ( 32k?)


      Philbjalme, North Fort Lauderdale, FL - Ebay Sale, July 2008

      Former Owners/Locales;
      P. S. Lee Johnson, Fort Lauderdale, FL - AOAI 1996

      R1 R-1516
      Andy Weir, Huntington, IN
      AOAI 1996 - 2011

      R2 R-1517
      Frederik and Jean Van Assendelft - Chesapeake, VA

      (since February 2011)

      Former Owners/Locales;
      (rowrow55), Somerset PA - Ebay sale - Oct 2010



      Renton, WA - Ebay Sale, May 2004

      R2 R-1518
      Jack Munson, Indianapolis, IN - AOAI 1996 - 2011

      R2 R-1521

      AOAI #040 Classifieds - Fall 1978
      Hershell Johnson, Upland, CA
      Still Owns it....AOAI Reg. 2011


      Wayne Graefen, Dallas, TX
        R1 automatic, AC, PS, PB, PW, Solex windshield, front and rear factory belts. Avanti white with orange interior.
      Owner since : August 2003(?) ( Listed in AOAI 1996 roster as owner)
      Sale, January 2009 (Craigslist)
      R1 R-1525
      William Albrecht, Bakerdfield, CA - AOAI Reg. 1996 - 2011
      R2 R-1526
      Bob Milani, Tahoe City, CA - AOAI 1996
      R2 R-1529
      Charles Schwerkolt, Victoria, AU
      AOAI Reg. 2009 - 2011

      Delivered to Needham Motors, Sydney, AU

      Morley Meredith, Scottsdale, AZ
      AOAI Reg. 2011
      R1 R-1532
      Richard Morris, Idaho Falls, ID - AOAI Reg. 1996 - 2011
      R2 R-1534
      05 March 2002
      Eastern PA
        Gold/beige, automatic, 54K miles

      R2 R-1535

      (supperbirddcm), Altoona, PA - Ebay Sale - May 2012

      R1 R-1538
      Wendel Hanks, La Mirada, CA
      AOAI Reg. 1996 - 2011
      R1 R-1539
      Matthew Dewan, Los Angeles, CA - AOAI 1996
      R1 R-1540
      Turning Wheels - September 1991
      R1 R-1543
      Ronald Anderson, Broken Arrow, OK - AOAI 2011

      R1 R-1544

      (56benz0doc), Hastings, NE - Ebay Sale - Aug 2013

      Former Owners/Locales;
      Rod Shada, Grand Island, NE - AOAI 2011

      R1 R-1548
      August 2005
      Warren E. Gagner
        Needs considerable work. Totally origional, matching numbers. Auto, A/C, PS,
        PB ,AM, fair origional fawn interior, bad brown exterior paint, 107k miles. Third
        owner. Purchased summer 2005 in Nashville, Tennessee. Housed in middle Tennessee.

      R2 R-1549

      Thomas Gallagher, South Amherst, OH - AOAI 2011

      Former Owners/Locales;
      Dick Simmins, Jackson, MI -Turning Wheels, August 1987

      R1 R-1550
      Bruce Erdman, Spokane, WA - AOAI 2011


      R2 R-1550
      S. Ambra, Novato, CA - Turning Wheels - December 1991


      R2 R-1550
      -John ?, Orangevale, CA
      4-speed, wire wheels
      Turning Wheels, September 1985


      AOAI #056 - Summer 1985

      R1, 63RQ-519
        (Body Tag)
      R1, Four Speed, A/C
      Auctions America, Hemmings Classifieds - October 2014
      R1 R-1551
      Bernard Valentin, Anderson, SC - AOAI 2011
      R(3) R-1553
      June 2003
      Roger Lovering
        Appears to be sporting an R3 motor and has an automatic transmission. Just
        puchased today. Still a lot to learn about the car. It is in rough condition but
        thats only temporary.

      R1 R-1555

      Herbert Roy Jaffe, Woodbury NY 11797 - AOAI 2011 24 November 2001
      SDC Classifieds - Oct 2013

        Owned since March 1972

      R2 R-1557

      Fred Arnold, Lexington, KY
      Avantopics, July 1973
      R1 R-1558
      May 02
      Jose Orozco Bolanos
        Originally it was maroon. 289 (I believe it is R1) it has front disk brakes, with standard A/C.

      R1 R-1559
      Lawrence Miller, Holcomb, KS - AOAI 2011

      Former Owners/Locales;
      Gene E. Myrick, Liberal, KS - AOAI 1996

      R2 R-1561
      (restocorvette), Galion OH - Ebay Sale - Feb 2014

      1963 R-1569

      George J. Salzmann, Oceanport, New Jersey
      R1 R-1570
      John Hantke, Newbury Park, CA - AOAI Reg. 1996 - 2011
      R2 R-1571
      Lennart Andersson, Lake Montezuma, AZ - AOAI Reg. 1996 - 2011

      R2 R-1572
      Dec 2003
      George J. Salzmann
      R2 Avanti gold with fawn interior and brown carpet, automatic, PS, PB, AM radio with rear
      speaker and antenna. Body #63RQ723 Engine #RS-1292.
      (Sold in 2005 and shipped to Netherlands)

      1963 R-1582 - Classified sale - March 2014


      R(0) R-1582

      Bruce Young, Shawnee, KS (Nov 2013)


      Former Owners/Locales;
      Chris Brewer, Des Moines, IA - Classified Sale - June 2012


      R(0) R-1582
      (Interesting mods)
      Chris Brewer, Iowa City IA - Craigslist Sale - Sep 2010
      Thomas Nara, Pittsburgh, PA - AOAI #87 (1994)

      R1 R-1583
      David Crone, Lexington, SC - AOAI 2011
      Bodytag 63RQ718


      Dayton, OH - Turning Wheels, April 1987


      R1 R-1583

      Jim Stock, Norman, OK
      Turning Wheels, July 1985


      Jim Stock, Norman, OK
      Turning Wheels, September 1984

      1963 R2 R-1584
      Michael Carter, LaPorte, TX - AOAI 2014

      Former Owners/Locales;

      Spring City, PA
      - January 2003 - EBAY SALE


      Dayton, OH - Turning Wheels, April 1987

      Mike Motley (Since 2012)

      Former Owners/Locales;
      Bill Grannis, Montgomery, AL - Turning Wheels - December 1986


      R0 R-1595
      Sep 2007
      Savanah, GA
      Ebay Sale
      SBC Engine
      R1 R-1596
      Daryl Lahr, Warren, IN - AOAI 1996

      R2 R-1600

      Sal Calaio, New York
      Turning Wheels, June 1980


      (candbstudebakers), Castro Valley, CA
      Ebay Sale, Aug 2006
      R1 R-1604

      19 January 2007


      Robert Jacobs, San Diego, CA
      Turning Wheels, February 1996 - AOAI 1996

      R2 R-1606

      (dormanage), La Porte, IN - Ebay Sale - Sep 2012

      Former Owners/Locales;

      Paul Miller, Valparaiso, IN
      AOAI Registration 2011


      19 January 2007
      Ricky Nelson's Avanti
      Only $49,000!!!

        R2 with a supercharger, 4-speed, power steering, power brakes, electric windows, twin traction, and tinted glass.


      R1 R-1608
      Krystyna Williamson, Alberta CA
      AOAI Reg. 2009 - 2011
      R1 R-1609
      David Sever, Santa Barbara, CA
      AOAI Reg. 1996 -2011

      1963 R-1612

      Copart, Somerville, NJ - Dec 2012
      Flood salvage sale

      1963 R-1623

      (jq3433), Bandon, OR - Ebay Sale - May 2013
      R1 R-1624
      Donald Modder, Waukesha, WI - AOAI 2011
      R2 R-1625
      Michael Nicholas, Longmont, CO
      AOAI since 1995 (Aoai Reg. 2011

      Former Owners/Locales;
      Dr. Charles H. Zierdt

      Dr. Nicholas G. Nolan

      R1 R-1627
      Hobo Bodkin, Loganville, GA
      AOAI Reg. 2011

      Former Owners/Locales;
      Michael Hopper, Marietta, GA -Feb 2003 / Info
      Vancouver, Canada ? - 2003

      1963 R1 R-1630

      Owned by Graham Gagné
      Atlantic Canada Chapter
      Nova Scotia, Canada
      AOAI Reg. 2011


      (imagecars), Myers beach, FL - Ebay sale - Sep 2004
      1963 R-1631
      William H. Waterhouse, Uxbridge, MA - AOAI 1996 - 2011

      R1 R-1633

      (autosport311), South Burlington, VT - Ebay Sale - May 2014


      R1 R-1633

      (romofo67, Grand Isle, VT - Ebay Sale - June 2012


      R1 R-1633

      Jo Guerrieri, Grand Isle, VT
      AOAI #156 Classifieds


      R1 R-1633

      Jo Guerrieri, Grand Isle, VT - AOAI 2011
      Hemmings Classifieds - Oct 2011

      Img src="AVDB1/r1000/63rq0833/63rq0833x25112014as.jpg">

      (towtom), Naples, FL - Ebay Sale - Nov 2014

      Former Owners/Locales; Ronald E. Magnuson

      Pierre Legare, Boisbriand, Canada (AOAI 2014)
      R1 R-1636
      Robert Wilson, Sr., Edgewater, MD - AOAI 2011

      R1 R-1640

      (O2H2Oski), Raleigh NC
      Ebay Sale, Nov 2009
      Pierre Legare, Boisbriand, Canada (AOAI 2014)

      1963 R-1643

      Marty Flynn, Sussex County, NJ
      Turning Wheels Sale, November 1999


      R1 R-1643

      Al Basile, AOAI #041 Winter 1979


      Al Basile, Greenville, NC (1970)

      1963 R-1644

      (Orlando_Classic_Cars), Orlando, FL
      Ebay Sale, June 2009
      R2 R-1645
      James T. Roberts, Nashville, IN - AOAI 1996 Former Owners/Locales;
      Michael Gay,? - 1977

      R2 R-1648

      (albin49), New Bern, NV
      Ebay Sale, July 2008


      David H Jarvis,Surrey, British Columbia CA, V3T 5K6
      July 2007

      R1 R-1651

      Les Nylen, British Columbia, Canada
        R1 4-speed, white with red interior. Purchased originally in Vancouver, B.C.
        Canada, by the first owner. We bought the car in June 2004 and gave it a new home
        in Quesnel B.C.

      Jack Anderson, Dover International - July 2014
      John R. Fee
      Since 1968

      R2 R-1653
      Peter Sant, Bellville, Ontario
      AOAI Reg. 2006 - 2011

        An air-conditioned R2

      R1 R-1655
      Dennis Roberge, British Columbia CA
      AOAI Reg. 2009 - 2011

      R1 R-1656

      Bruce A. McCampbell
      Since 2010

      Sale - April 2012

      Former Owners/Locales;
      Alex Mitchell, Cody, WY

      R2 R-1657

      (jedmu1957), Stratham, GA - Ebay sale - Oct 2013


      1963 R2 R-1657

      (whitehorse1071), South Hamilton MA
      Ebay Sale - Aug 2010

      1963 R1 R-1660

      Marc Udoff, Calabasas, CA
      AOAI Reg. 2011

      Former Owners/Locales:
      (Checkered Flag Cars), MDR, CA - Ebay Sale, July 2005
      Detroit, MI     (Turning Wheels - July 1991)  

      R1 R-1661

      (Halibrand wheels)
      Pittsburgh, PA
      Turning Wheels, April 1983
      R2 R-1663
      Tom Ramaekers, Singer Island, FL - AOAI 1996

      Former Owners/Locales:
      Fort Madison, IA - Turning Wheels - August 1986

      R1 R-1664
      R. W. Bax, Arvada, CO - AOAI 1996

      R2 R-1665

      Mike Moran, Mt. Vernon, IN - 1971 - AOAI Reg 2011

        Body no. 63RQ818, is RS1329. Owned the car since 1971.

      Former Owners/Locales;
      Mike Moran, Evansville, IN - AOAI 1996 (For Sale - Mar 2007)

      R2 R-1667

      Dan Wetovick, Fullerton, NE - Turning Wheels, August 1995
      R1 R-1669
      Kent Greenlee, Arlington TX - AOAI 2011-2014

      Former Owners/Locales;
      Robert L. Greenlee, Fort Wayne, IN - AOAI 1996

      R1 R-1673

      Lynn Brown, Effingham, IL - Turning Wheels, April 1981
      R2 R-1676
      William Rollins, Pierson, MI - AOAI 1996
      R2 R-1679
      Earl Freckleton, Redwood City, Ca - AOAI 1996


      Classic - Nov 2014
      R1 R-1684
      (63 RQ-0726)
      Jack Fuhs, Gallup NM - AOAI Reg. 2011
      R1 R-1686
      Paul A. Smith, Jr., Palm Beach Gardens, FL - AOAI 1996
      R1 R-1687
      20 January 2002
      Douglas & Carolyn Crall, Jacksonville, FL
      AOAI Reg. 2011

      Former Owners/Locales;
      Warrenton, VA

        Owned since: 1974
        Interesting History
        FOB: Redondo Beach, CA
        Originally Gold R1, auto, air, etc. It was delivered originally to
        Redondo Beach CA. Repainted Red with the roof inserts painted black,
        fawn interior painted black also, Had aproximatly 65,000 miles I
        purchased the back half from a Tracy Auto Wreckers outside Reno Nevada
        in 1974

      R2 R-1689
      Leon Benson
      Boise, ID 83705

      R1 R-1690

      Tom Detwiler, Spencer, WI - AOAI 2011

      Former Owners/Locales;
      (rwillia32009), Red Oak, TX - Ebay Sale, July 2009


      R1 R-1690

      Carolyns Used Cars, McAlester, OK
      Craigslist, January 2009


      Gary Meek, Dallas, TX - Turning Wheels, April 1986

      R1 R-1691
      Don Haney, Seattle WA
      Jul 2003
      No AOAI Reg.

      R1 R-1693

      Sanduasky, OH - Nov 2007 - Ebay sale

      Former Owners/Locales;
      Al Ernst, Lakeville, OH - May 1991

      R2 R-1694
      Bruce Louden, Kalispell, MT - AOAI 2011

      R1 R-1695

      Paul Katson, Del Mar, CA

      R1 R-1696

      Jim Thompson, Madison Lake, MN
      Turning Wheels, May 1980


      Turning Wheels, July 1976

      R1 RQ-1699

      Body Tag
      New Orleans
      Turning Wheels, October 1984

      R1 R-1700
      Mar 2002
      Lomayumtewa C. Ishii, Ph.D., Flagstaff, AZ
        R1 gold with elk interior, A/C, original working AM radio, 386,000 miles on
        original engine, daily driver, all original, looking for mechanical restoration.
        Bought new in December 1962 in Oxnard, California at Armstrong Motors by my father.
        I learned to drive in this car and it has become a treasured automobile.
        Currently, it lives in Flagstaff, Arizona.

      R1 R-1702

      Lowell Sharkey, Madisonville, KY
      Turning Wheels, October 1983
      R2 R-1705
      Eric T. A. Leacock
      Feb 2005

      R1 R-1707
      Jim Inglis, West Palm Beach, FL - AOAI 1996 - 2011
        R1 white with red interior, original 4-speed, AC, PB. Nice, original, unrestored car.

      R1 R-1709
      Rudy Chmelar, Norton Shores, MI - AOAI 1996 - 2011


      (deusenber), Sedalia, CO - Ebay Sale - June 2014 & August 2014



      Former Owners/Locales;
      Jeff (?) Boston, MA Area (1988-2005)

      R1 R-1713       (Body 63QR-888)
      Mark Freeborn, Canada        
      Ref...     (14122014)  

      Former Owners/Locales;
      Gordon Holden,, Canada
      Dave Holden, Canada - 1996

        Originally sold in Tracy, CA, 23 Oct 1962
        Auto, Originally Turquoise / painted black prior to 1978

      R1 R-1716
      Dave LeVesque, Marion, Il - AOAI 1996

      R2 R-1718

      Alan Scott, Putney, VT
      Turning Wheels Classifieds, April 1992
      R3 R-1722
      Bruffet, Valrico, FL
      2000 (R3/R4 register) Engine # B5

      R-1723 (63RQ-175)

      Bruce Anderson, Whitefish Bay, WI - AOAI 2011

      R1 R-1727
      Robert Pineiro, Mount Laurel, NJ - AOAI 2011
      R1 R-1729
      Rowland P. Buzza, Pittsburgh, PA - AOAI 2011


      (dolerosa), La uinta, CA - Ebay Sale - August 2013
      R1 R-1738
      Austin, TX - Turning Wheels - Aug 1991
      Jean-Frqancoise Bissett, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC, Canada - AOAI #87 (1994)
      R1 R-1740
      Thomas Gallagher, South Amherst, OH - AOAI 2011
      R1 R-1741
      Robert F. Kearns, Munhall PA - AOAI 2011
      R1 R-1743
      Lorne Elbert, Grafton OH - AOAI 2011
      R1 R-1746
      Hal S. Schoefield, Columbus, OH - AOAI 2011
      R2 R-1749
      Verle Sidwell, Concord, CA - AOAI 1996
      R1 R-1754

      R2 R-1755
      David W. Deboer, Duncanville, TX - AOAI 2011

      R2 R-1757

      Nico Eilken, Hamburg Germany (entry May 2014)

      Former Owners/Locales;
      Richard Lawrence, Mission Viejo, CA - AOAI Reg. 1996-2011

      R2 R-1758
      Gordon Hanshaw, Buena Park, CA - AOAI 1996
      R1 R-1760
      21 March 2001
      Brian Scott
      Statesville, NC 48677

      R1 R-1762
      Ralph Salerno Jr., Ballston Lake, NY 12019

      R1 R-1764
      Dale Claflin, Norman, OK - AOAI 2011
      R1 R-1766
      Jan Appenzeller, Syracuse, IN
      AOAI 1996 - 2011
      R1 R-1768
      Kevin Fonseca, Canada (May 2014)

      Formar Owners/Locales;
      Keith Brooks Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2W 3V3


      Pierre Legare, Boisbriand, Canada (AOAI 2014)
      R2 R-1771
      Richard Bennett III
      Irwin, PA - AOAI 2011
      R1 R-1772
      John Snyder, Ontario CA
      AOAI Reg. 2009 - 2014
      R1 R-1773
      Phil Smart, Tooele, UT - AOAI 2011
      R1 R-1775
      Bill Sovitsky - Elizabeth, PA 15307
        r1, Auto, A/C, Pwr Windows, Blk/Fawn Interior, Amburst Firemist Metallic Exterior.

      R1 R-1777
      Steve Cabella, San Anselmo, CA - AOAI 1996
        R-4106 also?

      R1 R-1778
      Robert Lampreda, San Jose, Ca - AOAI 1996

      1963 R-1779

      (actmobar), Port St. Lucie, FL
      Ebay Sale, June 2008

      R2 R-1780

      Jim Turner, Noblesville, IN - (Photo July 2011) - Gettysburg PA


      R2 R-1780

      Jim Turner, Noblesville, IN - - 1979 - ?
      Undergoing restoration

      1963 R-1781

      John Holloway, Oklahoma City, OK
      For Sale - Dec 2008


      AOAI Quarterly #167, Classifieds - Page 74


      1963 R-1783

      Mike Gulett, Whittier, CA - AOAI #166 Classifieds - May 2014



      Mike Gulett, Monte Sereno, CA - Classified Ad - Feb 2014


      R1 R-1783

      Auctions America - July/Aug 2013

      No AOAI registrations

      Former Owners/Locales;
      3rd owner (1995 - present)
      2nd owner ( 1963 - 1995)
      Dick Van Dyke (Dec 1963 - early 63)

      R1 R-1786
      Rosalie Torske (Glen), Tucson AZ
      AOAI Reg. 1996 - 2011
      R1 R-1787
      Kent Bigelow, Houston TX - AOAI 2011
      R2 R-1791
      Taylor Abernathy, Memphis, TN - AOAI 2011
      R1 R-1795
      Mar 02

      1963 R1 R-1796

      Ben Cross, Lake Placid, NY
      Craigslist, November 2009

      R1 R-1798
      Noble Glaudell, Glenn Ellyn, IL - AOAI Reg. 2011

      Former Owners/Locales;
      Hugh C. Edfors, Naperville, IL - AOAI 1996

      R1 R-1807
      Joseph Santoro, Bedford, NY - AOAI 2011
      R2 R-1808
      Rich Sutphen, Essex Jct., VT - AOAI 2011
      R2 R-1809
      26 July 2001
      John Turner
      Acworth, GA 30101

      Previous owner: Carl Malmberg (1964-2001)


      Robert L. Weir
        Purchased 10-11-05 from Huntsville Alabama. R-2 with automatic, needs
        complete restoration. I currently own: 63R1810, 63R2116, 63R2824A, 63R2859, 63R13039 and 63R3404.


      N. Pajka, Quinton, VA - Turning Wheels, August 1976

      R1 R-1811
      James L. Hassinger, Milton, PA - AOAI 2011


      Bill Sovitski
      Elizebeth, PA 15037
      Body #63RQ951
      Owned since June 2001
      nee Poulos / Buchanan

      R1 R-1814
      William Michaels, Syracuse, NY - AOAI 2011

      R1 R-1817

      Eric Olsen, Green Valley AZ

      (bedfordautowholesale333), Bedford OH
      Ebay Sale - July 2010

      Rick Zeiger, Beverly Hills CA
      2003/2004 AOAI register

      R1 R-1819

      Dwight M. Sheldon, Steilacoom, WA - AOAI 2011

      Former Owners/locales;
      Freddie, San Diego, CA - Craigslist, December 2008

      1963 R1 R-1820

      (suitee), Burbank, CA - Ebay Sale - April 2013

      R2 R-1823

      Fred Mazur, Orange, CA (AOAI 2014)

      Former Owners/Locales;
      Fred Mazur, Sarver, PA (AOAI 2011)
      Shearer's Garage, Leechburg, PA (? - 1998)


      (moparmania), Franklin, MI - Ebay Sale, June 2009
      R-1832 (?)
      Max Self, Attalla, AL - AOAI 2014
      R1 R-1833
      James Loftin, Marietta, GA - AOAI 2011
      R1 R-1834
      28 Mar 2005
      Roger Jennings
        This avanti was imported intoAustralia in the early 1970s
        then converted to r/h drive.Its has been fitted
        with avanti 2 gauges but is otherwise stock, was white
        but resprayed red inthe 80s. Mr Warren Britten-George imported this car for his wife, purchased from Newman-Altman in 1974

      1963 R-1835

      Carlsbad, CA - AOAI #166 Classifieds - May 2014
      R1 R-1838
      Ron Newfield, Cambridge, VT - AOAI 2011
      R1 R-1840
      Jan 2005
      Barret-Jackson auction
      Lot# 54
      Buyer/seller Unknown

      R2 R-1842
      body# 63 RQ-1005

      R2 R-1845
      Bud Millard, Milbrae, CA
      AOAI Reg. 2011
      R2 R-1852
      Arthur Arnold, Merritt Island, FL
      AOAI Reg. 2011
      R2 R-1854
      Robert D. Jackson, Prairie Village, KS
      AOAI 1996 - 2011

      R1 R-1855
      28 December 2003
      A.J. Moreno
      Pendleton, OR

      Conflict with R2 R-1855
      Bill Nelson
      Annapolis, MD

      R1 R-1859

      Craig V. Libuse, San Marcos, CA
      Aoai #166 Classifieds - May 2014


      R1 R-1859 Oct 2010)
      Craig V. Libuse, San Marcos, CA
      Jan 2006 - AOAI Reg. 2011

      Former Owners/Locales;
      Frank Libuse, Riverside, CA
      Townsend Studebaker, Riverside, CA (Selling Dealer)

      (body 63RQ-1054)
      Joe Zeiger, Union, CT (Sep 2013)
      R1 R-1861
      Ron Flint

      R2 R-1862

      W. Tilden, Atlanta, GA - AOAI Reg. 2011

      Former Owners/Locales;
      Mitchell Motor Parts, Fairmount, GA
      Has been listed on Ebay at least 8 times
      with a rather high opening bid

      Last: March 2012


      February 2009


      R2 R-1862

      Lorne McComb, Charleston, SC - Avanti Topics, November 1972

      W. Tilden, Atlanta, GA - AOAI 1996

      R1 R-1863
      Charles W. Overton, Yeso, NM - AOAI 2011


      George Warren, Madison, GA
      For Sale Apr 2011

      (georgetw01), Ebay Sale - Mar 2011
      No AOAI Reg. but

      AOAI 152 P74



      George Warren, Atlanta GA
      TW CLassifieds, Dec 2010 No AOAI Reg.

      R1 R-1868
      Vince Whiteman, Biggsville, IL - AOAI Reg. 2011

      Former Owners/Locales;
      Vince Whiteman, Biggsville, IL - AOAI 1996

      1963 R-1869

      (ramblerjay1), Orange City, FL - Ebay Sale - May 2014


      R1 R-1869

      Robert Schaefer, Greenfield, WI - Turning Wheels ad - June 1985


      Robert Schaefer, Greenfield, WI
      Turning Wheels ad - November 1984


      Robert Schaefer, Greenfield, WI
      Due Cento, November 1984


      David Klabor, Milwaukee, WI
      Turning Wheels ad -September 1980

      R1 R-1870

      John Veriell, Prescott, AZ ( Feb 2012)

      Former Owners/Locales;
      Walt Jazwinski, Glendale, AZ
      Sale - Dec 2011 John Reed, Holister CA

      R1 R-1872
      John Hustead, Bakersfield, CA - AOAI 1996

      R1 R-1877

      Peter Crisitello, Princeton, NJ - AOAI 2011
      Since 1986 .....over 350K miles

      R1 R-1878

      Indiana - Ebay Sale - June 2007

      Former Owners/Locales;
      Toby Hatch, Ft. Wayne, IN - AOAI 1996

      R1 R-1880
      (pic - Oct 2014)
      Kelly Brickey, Yucca Valley, CA
      Roswell, NM (entry Aug 2012)

      Former Owners/Locales;

      , Albuquerque, NM - Ebay Sale - Aug 2012


      R1 R-1880

      Keith McGinness. Albuquerque, NM
      since 2005
      Craigslist sale , October 2009

      R2 R-1881

      H. F. Boykin, Lugoff SC
      Turning Wheels, September 1974

      R2 R-1883

      Will Smith, Merrillville, IN
      Turning Wheels, April 1994


      No AOAI Registration
      (vantage1227), Huntington Sta., NY - Ebay Sale - Sep 2010
      R2 R-1886
      James Roberts, Nashville, IN - AOAI 2011


      (avantinet), Barto, PA - Ebay Sale - Sept 2014
      R2 R-1889
      Lance L. Wolf, Dallastown, PA - AOAI 2011

      R1 R-1890

      Ronald Strasser, Saugerties, NY 12477 - 1976 - AOAI Reg. 2011
      Photo, July 2011 - Gettysburg PA
        Body # 63RQ1087 Engine # R 1499. Equipped with a R1, AT, PS, PB, AC, AMFM. Was
        originaly gold, now red and in need of paint. Milage about 140,000.

      Truett Ray, Durham, NC (since 1997) (entry Nov 2014)

      R2 R-1893

      Memphis, TN
      Turning Wheels, July 1988

      R1 R-1894
      Theodore C. Cronce, Asbury, NJ - AOAI 2011

      Former Owners/Locales;
      Darrell Seher, Jamestown, ND

      R1 R-1895
      Robert Schaefer, Rochester, NY - AOAI 2011
      R1 R-1897
      29 April 2001
      Douglas White
      Woodruff SC 29388
        White exterior, Manual windows, Air conditioning

      R1 R-1898
      Mike Baker, Greenfield, IN
      Dec 2000 - AOAI Reg. 2011

      R1 R-1899

      (autosportsfl), Castleberry, FL
      Ebay Sale - February 2012
      R2 R-1901 (RS1422)
      Martin R. Cobb, Northbrook, IL - AOAI Reg. 2011

      John Batka, Meadville PA - March 2010

      Tim Shady, Milwaukee WI

      R1 R-1902
      Wally Barkel, Bay City, MI - AOAI 1996
      R1 R-1903
      Jerry V. Fjelsted
      2007 -?

      R2 R-1904

      Shawn Sinecola, Plymouth, MI - August 2009
      In family since 1971

      Jim Fisher, (F-I-L) Canton, MI 1971 - 2009

      R1 R-1906

      (paintshak), Howell, MI - Ebay Sale - Mar 2011 - No AOAI Reg.
      R2 R-1907
      James Taylor, Elyria, OH - AOAI 2011


      Greg Watkins, Fountain Hills AZ
      2008 -

      Former Owners/Locales;
      Joe Koller (1970's - 2008)


      James Glenn, Emporia, KS - AOAI 2011

      Former Owners/Locales;
      Martin Cobb, Northbrook, IL - SDC Classifieds - July 2009


      January 2008

      R1 R-1915

      Joe Rink, Lakewood, CO - AOAI Reg. 2011

      Fuel Injected from AOAI #154 (Spring Summer 2011)

      Former Owners/Locales;
      Steve Doerschlag, Eaton, Co - AOAI 1996
      Wayne Rigsby, Louviers, Co - AOAI 1996(?)

      1963 R1 R-1917
      Bill Mang, Hollywood, SC
      (Since 1973)
      Under restoration, less than 35K miles
      R2 R-1918
      Ralph Denuzzio, Palm City, FL - AOAI Reg. 1996 - 2011
      R2 R-1920
      Warren Thompson, New South Qales, AU - AOAI REg. 2011

      Former Owners/Locales;
      Robert L. May, Montgomery, MI - AOAI 1996

      R2 R-1921

      (dw90253), Wildwood MO - Ebay Sale - April 2010

      Former Owners/Locales;
      Motorcar Gallery, Ft. Lauderdale, FL - AOAI Reg. 1996

      R1 R-1923

      J. Montgomery, Pioneer, CA - Turning Wheels, April 1988
      R1 R-1924
      Brian Kujath, Tebbets, MO - AOAI 2011
      R1 R-1925
      Bernie Ritsema, Hastings, MI - AOAI 1996

      1963 R1 R-1929

      (Studebakerman38), Seville, OH
      Ebay Sale, May 2008
      R1 R-1941
      Duncan McKay, Ontario, CA
      AOAI Reg. 2009 - 2011

      1963 R1 R-1942

      E. Todd Savitsky, Virginia Beach, VA (2006 - present)
      (Entry Oct 2012)

      Former Owners/Locales;
      Vito Colovito, Old Bridge, NJ (1986 - 2006)
      Seymour and Virginia Savitsky, Old Bridge, NJ (84'-86'). Dave Savitsky, Brooklyn, NY ( 1968-ish)
      John J. Sole, Brooklyn, NY ( Original Owner)

      R1 R-1943

      Bruce Williams, Schaumburg, IL - Turning Wheels, October 1996
      R1 R-1944
      Larry DePaoli, Hammond, IN - AOAI 1996
      R2 R-1949
      Greg Chorley, Brisbane, Australia - AOAI 1996
      R1 R-1953
      Paul R. O'Neill, North Andover, MA - AOAI 1996
      R2 R-1955
      Stanley Davis, Maple Grove, MN
      AOAI Reg. 2011-2014
      R1 R-1957
      Lloyd Webster, Anderson, IN - AOAI 1996
      R1 R-1958
      Dale Martin, Clio, MI - AOAI Reg. 2011


      R1 R-1963
      Martin Cobb, Northbrook, IL - Oct 2007 SDC CLassified
      automatic. Red/fawn. Rarely driven since amateur body-off restoration 25
      years ago. 1968 parts car available. 847-272-2059.

      Former Owners/Locales;
      Dwight Zimmerman, South Bend, IN - AOAI 1996

      1963 R1 RQ-1963
      (Camp3032), Madison, AL
      Ebay Sale, September 2004

      Body Tag only
      Owner wouldn't reveal serial number, only body number

      1963 R1 R-1967

      (, Thousand Oaks, CA - Consignment Sale - July 2011


      1963 R1 R-1967

      (califspeed), Thousand Oaks CA - Ebay Sale, Feb 2010

      Former Owners/Locales;
      J.R McGee, Santa Paula, CA - AOAI Reg - 1996 - 2007

      R1 R-1968

      (lrk322), Saint Germain, WI - Ebay Sale - Sept 2013


      R1 R-1968
      Former Owners/Locales;
      Robert Krarup, St German, WI - AOAI 2011


      Oakland, Ca - Ebay Sale - Dec 2007


      1963 R1 R-1968

      (len1503), Prescott, AZ - Ebay Sale, July 2005

      R1 R-1969
      William Volz, Ypsilanti, MI - AOAI 1996
      R1 R-1970
      Randy Klopfleisch, Los Angeles, CA - AOAI Reg. 1996 - 2011

      R2 R-1971

      (hlcc), St Louis, MO - Classified Sale, Nov 2011


      R2 R-1971

      (autotraderclassics), St Louis, MO - Classified Sale, July 2011


      May 2007
      Elizaville, NY
      Ebay Sale
      R1 R-1977
      Laurie Arrants, Laverne, CA - AOAI 1996
      R2 R-1980
      Feb 2005
      Chad Bolles
      Columbia, SC 29212


      W.L. Koch, Caldwell, NJ - Turning Wheels, April 1981

      R1 R-1982
      Harold M. Dorn, Telford, PA - AOAI 2011

      1963 R1 R-1987

      Robert Tomasetta, Freehold, NJ - AOAI 2011

      Former Owners/Locales;
      (bluffscir), Wedowee,AL - Ebay Sale, September 2006

      R1 R-1990
      Bill Mulholland, Becket, MA - AOAI 2011

      R1 63RQ-1991 (body tag)

      (dinners), Los Angeles CA - Ebay sale - Aug 2011
      R1 R-1993
      Darryl Bauman, Swanton OH - AOAI 2011

      1963 R1 R-1994

      Paul White, Huntsville, AL
      Turnng Wheels, August 1999
      R1 R-1997
      Jan 2002
      David & Kim Krahn
        R1 Flame red. Bought in October 1963. Blueprinted 350 cid Chevy engine.
        Previously had a 427 Chevy engine and was raced on ice, the drag strip, and Grand
        Prix. Receipts, window sticker, and shop manual.

      1963 R1 Serial Unknown(*)

      (revrev14), Bellevue, WA
      Ebay Sale, February 2009

      (1)(*) Seller would not reveal serial number.
      Replied to email about same car below being same
      GOTO 1


      Ebay Sale, May 2009

      Guess what..


      1963 R1 Serial Unknown(*)

      (whayes), Williamstown, NJ
      Ebay Sale, April 2008

      (*) Different Seller name and location than above,
      but also would not reveal serial number!!

      1963 R1 Serial Unknown(*)

      (gberry41), Modesto, CA
      Ebay Sale, May 2008

      (*) Seller would not reveal serial number??!!

      1963 R1 Serial Unknown(*)

      (busguy71), Manchester, NH
      Ebay Sale, May 2008

      (*) Seller would not reveal serial number??!!

      1963 R1 Serial Unknown(*)

      (honeydo1952), Tujunga, CA
      Ebay Sale, April 2008

      (*) Seller would not reveal serial number??!!

      1963 R2 Serial Unknown(*)

      (cultra105), Onarga,IL - Ebay Sale, July 2008

      1964 Clip

      Ebay #300377596583, Dec 2009

      1963 R1
      Turning Wheels classified - Feb 2009
      (*) Seller would not reveal serial number??!!


      Anthony Rachal, Washington, DC, December 2009
      (still no serial number)

      Known Body Tags
      63RQ-101 First sold, production Avanti
      63RQ-104 - (1st R1 produced)
      63RQ-164 Raleigh NC, Dec 2009
      63RQ-175 Whitefish Bay, WI - Aug 2013
      63RQ-187 Fresno, CA - Oct 2014
      63RQ-220 Lancaster, PA - Oct 2013
      63RQ-226 Oct 2011
      63RQ-244 - Longmont, Co - Nov 2014
      63RQ-257 - Golden valley, AZ - June 2012
      63RQ-274 - Scott Brown - Wendell, IA 0 Aug 2014
      63RQ-377 Koury Investments, Summit, MO - AUg 2014
      63RQ-380 David Crone, Lexington, SC - AOAI Reg. 2011
      63RQ-431 David Crone, Lexington, SC - AOAI Reg. 2011
      63RQ-519 Hemmings Classifieds - Oct 2014
      63RQ-549 David Barrett, Texas - Feb 2012)
      63RQ-596 - Carson City NV - Nov 2011
      63RQ-658 - Mason City, IA - March 2005
      63RQ-704 - Altoona, PA - Altoona, PA - May 2012
      63RQ-706 Bob, San Jose, CA - Turning Wheels, December 1995
      63RQ-710 - Valley Stream, NY - Feb 2014
      63RQ-718 David Crone, Lexington, SC - AOAI Reg. 2011
      63RQ-726 Jack Fuhs, Gallup NM - 2011
      63RQ-738 Michael Carter, LaPorte, TX - July 2014

      63RQ-764 Galion, OH - Feb 2014
      63RQ-770 - Bob Petersen, Castro Valley, CA Jan 2006
      63RQ-791 Todd Savitsky, Virginia Beach, VA - Sep 2012
      63RQ-814 - South Burlington, VT - May 2014
      63RQ-833 - Naples, Fl - Nov 2014
      63RQ-888 - Canada, Dec 2014
      63RQ-915 - Dana Raaz, Lafayette LA - Turning Wheels, March 1973
      63RQ-917 - Maryland - Nov 2014
      63RQ-941 Onaga, IL, Ebay Sale, July 2008
      63RQ-1008 - Fred Mazur - Orange, CA - Oct 2014
      63RQ-1036 - Glendale AZ, Dec 2011
      63RQ-1111 Thousand Oaks, CA - July 2011
      63RQ-1144, Bruce Wood, Johnstown, NY - AOAI Reg. 2011
      63RQ-1426 - Ebay - June 2011
      63RQ-1480 - November 2012
      63RQ-1631 - Fort Myers, FL - 2004
      63RQ-1633 - 18 Oct 2004
      63RQ-1823 - Winter Springs FL - Ebay Apr 2011
      63RQ-1899 - Boston MA - Craigslist - April 2011
      63RQ-1943 - Schaumberg IL - May 1991

      Los Angeles CA - Aug 2011

      R-1001 - R-1999
      R-2000 - R-2999
      R-3001 - R-3999
      R-4001 - R-4999
      R-5001 - R-5653
      1984 - 91
      AVX 1996 -
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