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Studebaker Avantis R-1000 - R-1999

A partial catalog of Avantis and their owners. Entries included are members of the Avanti Chat group and other interested parties. No addresses or phone numbers will be included to protect privacy.

4647 Avantis were built by the Studebaker Corporation from June 1962 - December 1963. 1389 models were manufactured in 1962. 3258 units were manufactured in 1963. Of these, 2418 were 1963 models, 30 were transitional, 54 were 1964 models with round headlights and 764 were 1964 models throughout....

Introduction of the
1963 Studebaker Avanti

(Turning Wheels, June 1992)

The Six Week Wonder

Fred Fox
Turning Wheels, January 1977

Running changes

Large 63 - 64 Monthly Color Production Schedule

    The first Studebaker Avanti, serial number 63R1001, was donated to the Harold E. LeMay Museum. r1001 came with the second Avanti engine, supercharged # RS1002.

    Notes:Ref: ( Service Letter G-1964-3)

    Service Letter # G-1964-3B, dtd 13 May 1964. SUBJECT: Car Serial Number - Avanti Models. "Effective with Serial Number R-3100 the year designation (63 prefix to the serial number) was removed from the serial number plate.
    After the above serial number all Avanti models are identified only by the letter "R" followed by the serial number."

    1976 AOAI Roster donated by John Scherrer, Sterling, VA

Studebaker Avantis R-1000 to R-1999

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