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      July 2023
      BODYTAGS:: are undergoing a design revision. There are many unidentified tags, some are matched to cars, many are not. There may be a few iteratons of this to see what is the best way to catalog. The end result is likely to be, to remove the "63", to make them more searchable. First, they all have to be included. Meanwhile enjoy the madness..


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Note: Service Letter G-1964-3)

Studebaker Service Letter No. G-1964-3 states in part; "...effective September 1, 1963 ... all new and unused Avanti models when first sold at retail ... will carry the registration year designation of 1964".       Ref .


Numerical Index
R-2000 - R-2099 .    /     R-2100 - R-2199    /     R-2200 - R-2299     /     R-2300 - R-2399    /     R-2400 - R-2499
R2500 - R-2599     /     R2600 - R-2699    /     R-2700 - R-2799    /     R-2800 - R-2899    /     R-2900 - R-2999

Known BodyTags