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    A partial registry of owners of the Avanti Automobile. Registrants included are members of the Avanti Chat group and other interested parties. No addresses or phone numbers will be included to protect privacy.

    4647 Avantis were built by the Studebaker Corporation from June 1962 - December 1963. 1389 models were manufactured in 1962. 3258 units were manufactured in 1963. Of these, 2418 were 1963 models, 30 were transitional, 54 were 1964 models with round headlights and 764 were 1964 models throughout....

    Square headlight cars
    August 1963 - This is generally considered to be the start of the 1964 model run. Inside, solid interior color schemes were made standard, including the previously optional black, and black became the only available carpet color.
    The perforated vinyl upholstery was dropped and pleated vinyl became standard. The keystone "pirate buckle" door ornaments became standard.
    The heater and vent control switches on the console were redesigned using round knobs, and the inside door handles and door locks were also altered. The rear quarter window latches were modified for greater strength. A stronger hinge mechanism was added to the console glove box lid. The rubber door sill plate was restyled and plastic grilles were added to the inside air intake openings.

    On the exterior, the headlight bezels were changed from round to square, and the parking lights were restyled. Also on the front, an air intake grille was added to the left side of the cowl for ducting air to the automatic transmission on non-air conditioned models (the grille was non-functional on air conditioned models). On the front fenders the super charger plate was changed to read "supercharged Avanti".
    Underneath, the hood support bracket was moved from the left side to the right side. The narrow storage battery was replaced by one of the standard dimensions. The valve lifter covers became painted instead of chrome plated. Once again, the rear window fastening was redesigned for added strength."

64 Production, Prices, Accessories
Square headlight cars

64 Specs /colors


63 - 64 Monthly Production

Note: R4835 is considered the First 1964 Avanti

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Happens between R4517 & R-4807

The Elusive 1964 Avanti

by Fred Fox
      R-4130 Sherwood Egberts car

Studebaker Avantis R-4000 to R-4999